Beaded Pillows

Bring a ray of warmth to any room of the house with this cheerful toss pillow.

What You Need:

  • 60 inches of cream silk beading cord; needle
  • 48--dark red bicone glass beads
  • 20--6 mm orange miracle beads
  • 48--dark golden bicone glass beads
  • 30-40 seed beads
  • 3--4 mm golden bugle beads
  • 24--6 mm golden miracle beads
  • 12-inch square pillow; yellow sewing thread
  • 3--3 mm crimp beads; glue, such as E6000
  • 9--12 decorative beads in orange and red


1. Using silk beading cord bead as follows: 1--red bicone bead 1--orange miracle bead 1--golden bicone bead 2--seed beads 1--red bicone bead 1--golden miracle bead 1--golden bicone bead 3--seed beads Repeat pattern until 44 inches long.

2. Sew beads to the top lip of the pillow, starting with a red bicone bead in the corner. Using yellow sewing thread attach the string to all pillow sides, tacking every inch.

3. For tassel, cut a 4-inch piece of cord. Crimp a bead on the end. Bead as follows: 1--golden bugle bead 1--orange miracle bead 1--large orange decorative bead 1--clear red bead 1--large golden bicone bead 1--large red bicone bead

4. Cut a 6-inch piece of thread. Crimp the bottom. Bead as follows: 1--golden bugle bead 1--large orange bead 1--oblong clear red bead 1--orange miracle bead 1--large golden bicone 1--orange miracle bead 1--red bicone bead

5. Repeat with a 4-inch piece of thread. Bead as follows: 1 medium clear red glass bead 1 large orange decorative bead 1 large clear red bead 1 large golden bicone bead

6. Knot each tassel to a corner of the pillow. Use a dab of glue to attach other beads to the top of the tassel as desired.


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