Bathroom and Kitchen Projects

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Customize your kitchen or bath with these easy-to-do projects.

Essentials Close at Hand

Keep your kitchen gear in view for easy access. Make your tools pop by installing galvanized-steel pegboards that are both fun and functional. Paint the wall around the panel a saturated color to anchor the space and let the utensils serve as decor. 

Practical Payoff

Look for a pegboard kit that includes all of the essentials, such as hooks, shelves, and rods. The hooks and brackets stay secured into the panel but lift out if you need a quick change. Group tools together by function and impress guests with your innovative organization.  

Portable Parties

Whether it's for a casual barbecue or evening cocktails, this mobile bar brings the party to you. A few quick fixes can transform a tired garage sale desk into the star of any gathering. Start by applying fresh paint. Then install new knobs and wheels and add a few extra shelves to redefine the old piece. 

Make Room for Fun

As drawer space becomes increasingly sparse, contents can get jumbled and unorganized. Converting a desk into an extension of your kitchen can free up space and clear clutter. Drawers can be used to store extra wine glasses or party accessories. By relocating these occasionally used items to an out-of-the-way place, you'll have more room in your kitchen cabinets for everyday essentials.

Storage Table

Transform a kitchen nook into a breakfast bar with a storage-packed table. Attach a countertop to bookcases using L brackets (for a bar-height table, use 34-inch-tall bookcases and a 2-inch-thick countertop). Kids can work on homework, eat a snack, and take a quick game break all in one place. At mealtime, everything can be stowed away on the shelves.

Hanging Out

Installing a towel rod with sliding hooks is an easy way to hang small buckets to organize crafts supplies. Storing colored pencils and pens on the wall makes it simple to find the right color! 

Spillproof Seats

Spruce up a set of tired kitchen chairs with fabric by wrapping and stapling wipe-clean laminated fabric around removable chair seats and backs. The protective polyurethane film is immune to your kid’s worst spills and stains. Find the fabric at for $17-$19/yard.  

Playing with Texture

Give your bathroom a makeover by layering decorative and textural elements. These embossed three-dimensional panels make the sink area the focal point of the bathroom. The biodegradable panels come in 18x18-inch squares and are easy to cut using a utility knife or jigsaw. Frame the installation with 1x4s for added emphasis.

Project Note: These squares are from and must be painted if installed in a bathroom. Visit the site for full installation instructions.

Plumbing Shelves

Get bulky towels out of overstuffed closets and store them right in the bathroom. This galvanized-plumber-pipe shelving offers an industrial vibe and allows color and personality to shine in an otherwise simple bathroom. 

Towel Totes

Simple shelves can provide much-needed storage for bulky towels and free up space in small bathrooms. Use shelves designed to store wine, which have deep cubbies and a wide surface top. Attach brackets to the wall, screwing into studs for support. Turn wine shelves on their side and screw the cubbies to the brackets. Spice up the racks by adding decorative floral and picture arrangements that bring fun and interest to otherwise standard storage. 

Simple Sophistication

Turn your everyday vanity into the star of the bathroom by gluing lightweight decorative fretwork panels or overlays to drawer fronts. The expanded PVC-foam overlays are 1/8 inch thick and come in eight sizes or can be customized to fit your existing vanity. The overlays can be trimmed with a utility knife and sanded to fit drawer fronts or cabinet doors.

Project Note: We used overlays from

Color Customization

To install, brush clear silicone adhesive on the back of the overlay; press to secure. To paint foam overlays, use a spray paint suitable for plastic, or use a primer for plastic and top with interior paint. Painting a contrasting color can really allow the texture to pop on the vanity.

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