Knitting is back! Expand your skills beyond hats and scarves using this list of knitted decor ideas, including cozy blankets, plush kid toys, and fun pouf seating.

By Hannah Bruneman
January 13, 2017
Flax and Twine

The knitting trend continues to grow as fresh designs and easy DIYs gain popularity. From small kitchen accents to oversize living room throws, knit accessories make homes extra stylish and a lot more cozy. So grab your needles, a skein or three, a glass of wine, and start knitting! We've got eight DIY knit projects to get you started.

1. Knitted Floor Mat

Craft Passion

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping onto a plush new rug when slipping off your shoes. This knitting pattern is perfect for an entryway or kitchen in need of a simple, rectangular floor mat. We love the thick cotton clothesline this knitter used!

2. Knitted Terrarium Hanger

Pam Powers Knits

By now, we have so many succulents that we don't know where to put htem all! Our solution: This beautiful knitted terrarium hanger. With an easy-to-follow pattern, this blogger walks us through how to make macrame-inspired home decor.

3. Perfect Pouf

Craft Passion

No, a pouf isn't a voluminous hairstyle; it's an oversize cushion used for extra seating, as a footrest, or decoration. We love the look of these laid-back accessories, but the price tag can be intimidating. Save some cash and make your own with this free knitting pattern!

4. Arm-Knit Basket

Flax and Twine

Prepare yourself for an influx of oversize home decor this year. We are currently crushing on this arm-knit basket sized to hold a houseplant. The possibilities for this knitted craft are endless.

5. DIY Knit Potholders

Homey Oh My

Like mother always said, you can never have too many potholders. Ditch your stained cloth potholders for this stunning design made from a DIY knit pattern. A solid-color cord looks so chic, and the leather loop adds an sophisticated touch.

6. Knit Planter Cover

The Merry Thought

We'd love to place our favorite desk plants in these cozy little containers. DIY knit planters are so precious and can stretch to fit almost any pot. The creamy whites used for these planters provide stark contrast to the natural greens of the plants.

7. Chunky Knit Blanket

Nourish and Nestle

If you told us we could knit a big blanket in a single day, we would be shocked. Enter this amazing knitting trend. Crafters everywhere are using larger-than-life knitting needles and ultraplush yarn to make these gorgeous, cozy throws. These are incredible!

8. Giant Knit Bunny

Flax and Twine

This one is for the kids. Or you, because it is too gosh-darn cute! Surprise your kiddo with one of these adorable giant knit bunnies. Soft enough for a newborn and creative enough for an imaginative toddler, these knitted bunnies will be their new best friend.

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April 23, 2018
How about some crochet patterns?