12 Hacks to Get an Anthropologie Look for Less

Anthropologie is beloved as much for its furniture and decor as for its apparel. However, the store's home goods tend to be tagged with high prices. If your first stop inside Anthro is always the sale room, you'll want to check out these convincing—and inexpensive—Anthropologie knock-offs from 12 creative DIY bloggers.

Add shimmer to your decor by learning how to gold leaf. This easy DIY technique can be used on many surfaces. See how it's done!

How to Gold Leaf

Learn how to apply gold leaf to all your favorite DIY decor projects.

Decoupage Drawer Knobs

One of the easiest updates for your furniture is new drawer pulls and handles. We've always loved Anthropologie's selection of hand-painted ceramic knobs, but replacing an entire room's worth of knobs can quickly add up. To get the same old-world look for less, Ananda of A Piece of Rainbow transformed plain wooden knobs with patterned paper—in less than five minutes each.

Bohemian Pom-Pom Container

Taken by the texture of a pom-pom basket from Anthropologie, Charlotte of At Charlotte's Housedecided to re-create the groovy container in the colors of her choice. This boho-chic project cost next to nothing and was easy enough to complete while watching a few of her favorite shows. Charlotte's small basket holds matchsticks, but you can experiment with accessorizing inexpensive baskets of all sizes.

Freehand Stripe Tray

A near-identical knock-off, this ceramic tray from Burlap & Blue blogger Linda features the same hand-painted stripes and blue-and-white color scheme as the Anthropologie original. The most notable difference? The price tag! When it was available in stores, the Anthro painted plate cost nearly $50. You don't need any artistic abilities to pull off this DIY.

Glam Gold-Leaf Coasters

Inspired by glitzy coasters she spied at Anthropologie, Sarah of Sarah Hearts set out to DIY a more affordable set. The crafty blogger mimicked the original's shiny floating flecks by mixing gold-leaf flakes with resin. When the coasters hardened, she painted the backs for an unexpected pop of glamorous color.

Applique Heart Pillow

A few years ago, Anthropologie offered a linen throw pillow with distressed heart appliques for almost $200. Astonished by the price, Dena of Hearts and Sharts challenged herself to DIY an inexpensive version, and in an hour, she successfully stitched together a look-alike. Similar to the original, her hearts were hand-drawn and frayed around the edges.


    Imitation Antiqued Dresser

    Don't be fooled by the clever facade of this industrial-style dresser by Jen of Girl in the Garage. Instead of 12 slim drafting drawers, there are actually 6 large ones, an illusion shared by its aptly named Anthro inspiration, the Illusorio Cabinet. Unlike the original, however, this DIY version did not cost anywhere near $1,700!

    Decorative Floral Globe

    For a year, Malissa of A Joyful Riot couldn't stop thinking about the hand-painted globes she found at Anthropologie, but by the time she decided she needed one, they were no longer available. So the DIY blogger customized her own by decoupaging flowers from Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper and handwriting a favorite quote from Wes Anderson's movie Moonrise Kingdom.

    Metallic Mirrors

    Following a tutorial on how to apply gold-leaf to glass, Kasie of Musings on Momentum was able to hack Anthropologie's plated brushstrokes mirror. The process involved a little bit of trial-and-error, but Kasie had some wiggle room to make mistakes since the end result was meant to look a bit haphazard. We think it looks perfect!

    Rustic Knife Block

    Ashley of Bigger Than the Three of Us loved the look (but not the price) of Anthropologie's bamboo knife block. However, she also needed something larger for her kitchen tools, so the blogger built one herself using stained wood pieces instead of reclaimed lumber. Filled with similar skewers, the DIY version is just as attractive—and functional—as the more expensive original.

    Faux Zinc Letters

    Anthropologie's zinc letters have become a popular way to decorate with typography, but at $18 a pop, they can become expensive if you're trying to spell out a long word or name. Luckily, Elena of 'A Casarella discovered a quick and easy way to get the industrial look for less. She transformed cardboard letters (the kind you can find at a crafts store) into Anthro-worthy decor with just a few coats of metallic spray paint.

    Gilded Floor Mirror

    When Mara of Design Evolving set out to re-create a lacquered floor mirror from Anthropologie, she probably didn't realize that her version would cost a mere seven percent of the original. Granted, Mara's didn't have a high-gloss finish, but who among us has five days for the intensive sanding, coating, and curing process? In the same robin's egg blue and gold palette, it looks luxe even without the extra shine.

    Pretend Pyrite Lamp

    All that glitters is not gold—and sometimes it's not even pyrite. In the case of this table lamp by Amy of The Glitter in My Tea, the shiny stone base is simply a stack of gold and silver spray-painted rocks. The blogger's DIY version cost $12, while the original fool's gold lamp from Anthropologie was listed for nearly 100 times more. (You read that correctly!)

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