Learn about all the amazing ways you can use macrame projects to create beautiful accents for your home.

By Isabelle Dungan
Updated February 17, 2017

The macrame home decor trend is back in a big way! Adorning households nationwide, macrame -- the art of knotting cords and ropes together -- first hit the home decor scene back in the '70s. Now it has returned in a chic, contemporary form, adding sleek accents to many areas of the home. This trend has become so popular it's taking over Instagram feeds and inspiring us to up our knot game. Learn how you can tie your way to the top with this unique decorating trend today.

1. Rustic-chic macrame wall hangings are the new take on tapestries.

2. Create textured lighting in any room with knotted lampshades and curtains.

3. Swaddle your baby in love with a macrame crib.

4. Hanging macrame plant holders look great indoors and out.

5. Macrame stools make for a chic seating option.

6. Build a cozy hideout with a macrame tent.

7. Macrame lampshades make all your boho dreams come true.

8. Lounge in luxury in a macrame hammock.

9. Sleep soundly with a simple macrame dream catcher.

10. Keep it simple with a framed macrame knot and bead.


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