9 Easy DIYs that Will Immediately Upgrade Your Living Room

If you're not ready to take the plunge into full-fledged home renovation, focus on these easy DIY upgrades to give your living room some new life.

There are tons of ways to take matters into your own hands when it comes to home renovations, especially when you want to add stylish upgrades on the cheap. So, if you're looking for easy home improvements that are low-cost and don't require hours or even days of work to complete, turn to the most versatile space in your home: the living room. We've navigated the best home upgrades the world has to offer and narrowed them down to the easiest, most affordable DIYs you can accomplish in 30 minutes or less. Happy crafting!

1. Turn a Basic Rug Into a Statement Piece

Floor rugs are one of the best ways you can tie a room together, but some of our favorite store-bought rugs don't come cheap. Satisfy the restless interior designer in you with this easy DIY painted rug that will allow you to re-create your favorite geometric print in just a few steps. It's actually very easy to take a basic flat-weave or sisal rug and turn it into something extraordinary and unique. Just grab some painters' tape and your favorite shade of interior wall paint and – who knows – maybe this will become your new hobby!

2. Revive Wooden Surfaces With Coconut Oil

Everyday Roots

Give your mantel, coffee table, and other wooden surfaces in your living room a fresh finish with the help of coconut oil. All you need is a tablespoon of coconut oil and a clean, smooth cloth. Apply the oil to the wooden surface in a circular motion, and the super oil will penetrate the wood to give it a fresh look. For more information, check out these tips from Everyday Roots on how to make your own all-natural wood polishes and sealants.

3. Spray It, Don't Spend It

Artsy Chick Rules

Spray paint is basically magic in a can when you're looking to give some life to dull spots around the house. Just a few coats of spray paint can freshen up or even completely transform the look of all things metal in your home, including air vents, cabinet hardware, and even sink faucets. Check out the Artsy Chick Rules to see what types of paint work best for different projects.

4. Makeover Your Bookcase or Armoire

Don't judge a book or even a bookcase by its cover. Boring bookcases or armoires are actually multipurpose treasures if you know all the incredible ways you can use them. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of love and paint to make something totally life-changing, like this laundry station. Other times, you can use something as simple as removable wallpaper to transform a piece. Either way, with these 13 incredible makeover ideas, you're bound to find something perfect for your home.

5. Brighten Up Your Favorite Nook

Bring some much-needed light to any nook with this easy-to-make series of pendant lights. This DIY brings the sometimes-pricey industrial trend to your home for roughly $20. Use socket lights that plug into a standard outlet, so you don't have to worry about electrical work. Simply cut a hole in the lid of a canning jar, fit the bulb's socket, and hang.

6. Turn Boring Into Bold

Transform inexpensive, cotton linens into the eye-catching focal point of any room. This DIY tablecloth is something you'd see in an Anthropologie catalog, and it can be copied with just a few art supplies. You just need a small amount of diluted paint to create beautiful tablecloths, curtains, and even hand towels. Get the full directions here.

7. Switch Up Your Switch Plates

Me, Myself & DIY

One of the simplest ways you can add a touch of elegance to your home is to give your switch plates a makeover. Replacing every single one can add up, so we suggest going the thrift store to find cheap picture frames that match the look you're going for. Me, Myself and DIY suggests taking your switch plates with you while you shop so you know they'll fit. You can leave the frames as they are or spray paint them to match the plates. Whatever you choose, these DIY switch plates will instantly upgrade any room.

8. Turn Your TV Into a Stunning Art Piece

Doing something as simple as adding a frame to your flat-screen TV can totally transform your living room. Try adding a chunky painted frame around your TV and see how easily it blends in with your gallery wall. Just cut a hole in the back of the frame to thread the cords through, then hide them in a cord channel down to the outlet. Pretty simple, huh?

9. Use Wallpaper as an Accent

If you're looking for the one thing that will make your living room pop, wallpaper is a signature flourish. Style your walls with an oversized pattern or take advantage of horizontal stripes to make your space feel bigger. Whatever look you're going for, wallpaper can help you achieve the perfect accent wall in a flash. Tip: Opt for temporary wallpaper to create a beautiful space without the commitment.


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