There's a fine line between industrial chic and a cold, unwelcoming look. Discover tips on how to bring warmth to industrial-style home design for a space that's both contemporary and cozy.

By Hannah Bruneman
February 24, 2017

There's more to industrial style than gray shades and cool tones. Mix up your metals using warm coppers, golds, and shiny silvers. Brass light fixtures cozy up this industrial kitchen and contrast with a nickel faucet and oil-rubbed bronze barstools.

True Colors

pipe shelving

Don't get bogged down in neutral shades common to industrial-style spaces. Pops of color are necessary for brightening up cold hues and hard metals. A rainbow collection of books and trinkets upgrades this exposed-pipe bookshelf to a fun and quirky focal point.

What is your design style?

Industrial Upgrade

window seating

Industrial design elements work great as conversation starters. Visit your local consignment shop in search of an antique you can repurpose as a piece of furniture. In this case, a thrifted worktable is the perfect addition to a cozy seating area.

Wood Works

Industrial Kitchen

Anything too industrial runs the risk of looking more like a warehouse than a home. Find the right balance by incorporating natural or reclaimed wood into your cabinets and floors. We love this contrast of rich, warm cabinetry against cool concrete and marble kitchen surfaces.

Old Is New


We know how hard it is to find that perfect statement piece to complete a nook or room. Thrifting is an easy, inexpensive solution! This metal office chair is not what you'd expect in a cozy hallway corner, but it contrasts with its contemporary surroundings with a cool antique attitude.

Smooth Sliding


Large sliding doors aren't just for trendy lofts and hip start-up offices. Make one work as a functional space for your home. A fresh coat of chalkboard paint turned this sliding door into a movable, adaptable family command center.

Cleaned Up

English Cottage Decor

Shabby-chic accessories can add pretty patina to a room, but the reclaimed revolution can take a turn if incorporated incorrectly. Add clean, crisp accessories to chippy painted furniture for a fresh look. Here, sturdy white containers corral clutter, while wire baskets display neatly folded linens.

Warm Grays

bathroom vanity

Are concrete walls too cold and intense for your decorating style? With the right coat of paint, even farm-favorite shiplap can fit the industrial trend. In this all-gray bathroom, exposed pipes under the vanity complement industrial surroundings, while wood flooring and an oversize rug keep the room comfortable.

The Little Things

home office

You don't need to build a brick wall and install exposed pipes to achieve an industrial look. Small accessories will do the trick just fine. Despite industrial light fixtures and bright white walls, this study space remains warm and welcoming, thanks to pine accents.

Sound Sleeper

boys bedroom

We bet you've never thought of industrial design as comfortable. Keep a child's bedroom cozy with industrial features and plush bedding for a cool place to relax and rewind. This iron bed frame mixes well with soft textiles and inviting pops of orange.

Let It Shine


Industrial appliances and accents are becoming the norm for kitchens everywhere. To keep your cooking space from looking like a restaurant kitchen, cozy it up with fresh blooms and bright colors. Subway tiles in this kitchen reflect natural light coming in from the window, giving the space a cheerful atmosphere.

Paint It Red

red kitchen

Concrete and metal are great, but too much can make a space look cold. The best way to warm up an industrial room is with color, and lots of it! The cherry red cabinetry and breakfast bar in this modern eating area explode with warmth and bring life to a cheerful kitchen.

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December 27, 2018
Hi subsurface_pro1. The kitchen designer is Diana Regan from Details & Designs based out of New York.
December 23, 2018
Hi Hannah - would you tell me who designed the industrial farmhouse mixed metals kitchen? Thank you.