11 Tuscan Decor Ideas That Bring Rustic Charm to Your Home

Sunflowers on table, porch
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Italian Influences

Stone doorway to kitchen

Take a trip across the ocean and back in time to the sun-drenched Italian countryside. Inspired by romantic beauty and long-lasting craftsmanship, Tuscan style brings old-world European charm with dramatic flair to modern-day living spaces.

See how aged patinas, hearty architecture, and warm hues from nature can fill your house with the welcoming elegance of Tuscan style.

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Colors of the Countryside

Red art over fireplace

The vibrant hues radiating from the Italian landscape translate comfortably into Tuscan-style rooms. Choose warm, earthy colors, such as rusty reds and terra-cottas, coppery yellows, and olive greens. Inject these cheerful tones in upholstery and window treatment fabrics, as well as decorative accessories.

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New Finishes Look Old

Green, cream cabinets in kitchen

Bringing the Tuscan look into a modern-day room calls for special finishes on the walls and other surfaces to transport the space back in time. To re-create the texture and color variation of old plaster walls, use decorative painting techniques to emulate stucco and Venetian plaster treatments. Textured wallpapers are also a great way to add the look with ease. Enhance cabinetry and furniture pieces with painted faux finishes, such as color-washing and distressing, to give them a gently aged patina.

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Stone and Wood Influences

Dining room looking into kitchen

Original Tuscan cottages were built to last for centuries. Mimic the look of their classic architecture by incorporating hearty stone and wood accents throughout your rooms. Hand-scraped wooden ceiling beams add a charming, rustic look. Stone on a fireplace, added to an accent wall, or framing an arched doorway adds noteworthy character.

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Floors with Authenticity

Red cover on bed

Rustic floors laid in brick, tumbled stone, or terra-cotta tiles are a hallmark of Tuscan style. Complement them with exposed ceiling beams and a noteworthy piece of antique furniture, such as this beautiful old armoire.

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Elegant Simplicity


Tuscan style is elegant but not excessive. Pretty furnishings with rich finishes and decorative fabrics make a graceful statement without getting in the way of the utilitarian nature of each room. A handful of decorative touches -- a carved mirror or piece of wall art and an ornamental light fixture -- are all that is needed to dress a Tuscan room.

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Pretty Details

Blue chest at foot of bed

Furniture in old Tuscan cottages was primarily for function, but decoration was not forgotten. Wood pieces embellished with carved or painted designs add lovely touches of ornamentation, as do the gently curving lines of wrought iron.

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Textile Statements


Elegant tapestries and rugs are popular in Tuscan decorating. Use them as artwork and to introduce warm Tuscan colors into a room.

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Intimate Elegance


Intimate spaces welcome a touch of formal elegance inside a Tuscan-style home. Pretty draperies and coordinating wallpaper dress up this bathroom in trademark Tuscan colors. The vintage-style tub and faucet and the weathered stone floor continue the old-world charm.

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Old-World Charm

Casual dining room w/ wood walls/ceiling

Architectural elements, such as these wood-paneled walls and ceiling, are a substantial way to create the aged Tuscan ambience in a room. You can also enhance the look with decorative elements. The candlestick-style chandelier and leaded-glass door panels add old-world character.

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Exterior Spaces

Sunflowers on table, porch

Outdoor living spaces have long been a key component of Tuscan homes, originating from the warm Italian climate. To mimic the look, decorate a porch or patio with comfortable seating and charming accessories that pick up nature's surroundings.

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