I Am Traditional: Meet Tika Sumpter

Meet the 'Mixed-ish' star and co-founder of the lifestyle brand Sugaberry.

portrait of Tika Sumpter on white background
Renée Rodenkirchen

Hometown "Born in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens, New York, and raised on Long Island—with a hard G."

Work perk "I love transforming into another character and making people feel something."

Beat the odds "My mom was a single mother for a very long time. Without ever telling me to keep going, her actions spoke volumes. She should've been a statistic in this world, but she persevered. That taught me to keep going, no matter what the odds."

Be kind "Everyone needs a boost. You never know what someone next to you is going through."

Home sweet home "My fiancé, Nick, my daughter, Ella-Loren, and I live in a laid-back California-style home. It was built in the '80s, and we gut-renovated it. We kept all the original curved walls and the beautiful fireplaces. It's comfy and cozy, yet modern."

Latest obsession "I just started collecting art, which I'm super excited about. I bought this amazing piece by Greg Breda called Salt Woman from my friend Arthur Lewis."

Meet Sugaberry "It's a brown mama's guide to the sweet life. Women of color have been underserved in the mommy space for a long time. We're filling that hole with indulgence, love, and content."

Words to live by "'Throw away the bones and keep the meat.' I think it's a Southern saying. It basically means hold on to what has meaning to you, and throw away the rest."

I am traditional She is continuously inspired by her mother, has checked skydiving off her bucket list, makes a mean rack of ribs, has a huge soft spot for kids, and treasures her engagement ring more than any other gift.

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