I Am Traditional: Meet Kelly McCreary

Meet Kelly McCreary, a.k.a. Dr. Maggie Pierce from ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

Kelly McCreary actress sage dress window
Courtesy of Gray Hamner

Hometown Milwaukee

Summer lovin' "I can't get enough of the heat! I run cold, so bring it on. I love keeping all the doors and windows open to let the warm breezes move through the house."

Home free "I'm grateful for the freedom buying my first home gave me to pursue only work that really excited or inspired me, no matter how much or how little it paid. I have the security of a roof over my head."

Casa de McCreary "My home is an updated midcentury-modern ranch furnished with contemporary and vintage pieces. My absolute favorite is a burl wood dresser from the '60s."

Morning routine "My husband and I split up the duties of coffee brewing, bed making, and dog feeding. Then I sit in my favorite chair and get in some reading—preferably from an actual book not a screen."

What I love about acting is "Giving a spotlight to people we don't always celebrate as heroes. I like to see how far I can disappear into the psycho-emotional space of another, how many miles I can walk in their shoes."

Words to live by "'Don't let perfection be the enemy of good.' I don't know who said it first, but I got it from my costar Jesse Williams. Artistry and perfectionism have gone hand in hand my whole life—sometimes the combination is powerful, sometimes toxic. I aim to approach the rest of my life as an artist with this advice in mind."

Friday night plans? "Popcorn and a new series to binge sound like a party to me!"

I Am Traditional She'll always have a wall of framed family photos, is known for her great podcast recommendations, always has an appetite for tacos, has a soft spot for Black- and women-owned businesses, and never passes up a chance to people-watch.

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