I Am Traditional: Meet Jon Huertas

Meet the actor known for his roles in Castle and NBC's critically acclaimed This Is Us. 

actor jon huertas pictured in gray suit sitting in chair
Diana Ragland

Hometown Venice, California

Summer love "Living in Venice Beach I get to see throngs of people enjoying the weather, the sand, the water, and life in general. It's inspiring to see the innocence we all seem to find at the beach."

Proudest achievement "Serving my country in the U.S. Air Force before becoming an actor."

Call him a carpenter "I'm actually really good at making things out of wood. My plan is to build a large workshop where I can make furniture and stuff. There is real pride to be had when you hand-make something someone can sit on comfortably."

LOL "I always laugh when I watch Schitt's Creek with my wife."

Make it a date "We don't have kids, so our current household tradition is going on actual dates together every single week."

First prize "My favorite gift is a little plastic Oscar replica from a chintzy souvenir shop somewhere on Hollywood Boulevard. The plaque says 'Best Son-in-Law.' My late father-in-law gave it to me before he died."

House of Huertas "I designed and built the entire thing myself. A friend of mine who is an architect hooked me up with one of his colleagues, Michael Ashworth, who helped translate my hand-drawn plans into an architectural set I could submit to the city. Then I pulled an owner-builder permit and got to work. It's a mix of Nordic-inspired architecture, and I've filled it with several mid-century pieces."

I Am Traditional He is inspired by the talent of his coworkers, can always eat a hamburger, is dying to learn how to weld, and loves to wind down with a glass of wine with dinner.

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