House Tours: Traditional with a Color Kick

Designer Jennifer Watty
Interior designer Jennifer Watty delights in colorful interiors -- especially the warm, happy spaces she designed for her own family.

Comfortable Elegance

Sophisticated and approachable. Step inside the suburban New Jersey home of designer and mom Jennifer Watty, and both sensations are immediate. Watty deftly layered rich color, pattern, and pops of indulgence without sacrificing the welcoming aura.

Style Statements

Watty loves indulgent accessories. They're the most eye-catching pieces in the house, and spending a bit more on small-scale pieces won't break the bank. Watty keeps the foundation basic, then adds richness with fun stools, silk pillows, and chic patterns.

Orange Crush

From the apricot-hue walls to the peachy curtains, Watty's favorite color -- orange -- is apparent throughout her home. Subtle variations of orange harmonize perfectly in her sunlit living room.

Royal Treatment

The dining room carries a regal air, thanks to lush red curtains made from opera satin. The material is surprisingly durable, which is why Watty loves it so much. With three kids in the house, even pretty accents must stand up to wear and tear. A wing chair with graceful curves lends weight to the furniture grouping.

Warm White

Watty's kitchen is as hardworking as it is charming. Office space, savvy storage, and plenty of countertop area make this room a hub of activity. Pretty details -- the dual Colonial-style light fixtures overhead, the mirrored cabinet, and vibrant artwork -- add visual interest.

Family Time

This is where the house becomes a home. The family room's comfy furniture is upholstered in inexpensive dark brown brushed cotton. It stands up beautifully to daily use by a busy family. A woven coffee table introduces calm, natural elements. It helps to balance bolder decor choices, such as the spicy orange wall color and the punchy patterns on pillows.

Old and New

The orange palette Watty used throughout the house takes a turn to golden in her bedroom. The walls are bathed in a buttery vanilla-tone wallpaper that seems to radiate soft light. Watty's furniture is a mix of styles and eras. She scored the bedside table at an auction.

Pattern Play

Neutral is the name of the game in Watty's bedroom. Bedding, carpet, walls, and window treatments are all dressed in shades of ivory and cream. Bright accent pillows and a throw rug satisfy her desire for color and personality.

Jennifer Watty

Watty's designs run the style gamut, from beach chic to formal traditional, depending on what her clients desire. But in her own space, she puts the things she loves most on display. "I feel like I'm successful and content," she says. "I'm not rich, but these things make me feel I'm having a wonderful life."

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