I Am Traditional: Meet Christina Hendricks

Meet the Screen Actors Guild Award-winning actress known for her TV roles in Mad Men and Good Girls.

christina hendricks wearing black shirt
Photo: Maarten De Boer

Hometown Twin Falls, Idaho

Good Girl IRL "When [my character] Beth makes a decision to do something, she follows through, and I believe I do that too."

Pandemic projects "I completely leaned into bold and whimsical wallpapers. I don't plan on leaving this home, and I wanted something that completely expresses who I am. My newly renovated master bath has become my favorite room. It's so beautiful that sometimes I just go and sit next to the bathtub and look around."

Old soul "Half of my furniture and decor is antiques. I'm a collector of Chinese Art Deco rugs but also have pieces as small as my antique pincushion collection."

Seasonal favorites "The smell of the air, fires in the fireplace, delicious food. I like looking out at snow from the fireside—I don't need to be in it. Inviting friends and family over for homemade eggnog and holiday goodies while enjoying each other's company with the house fully decorated."

Christina Hendricks

I love the traditions that come with all the different holidays—any reason to invite friends over and make merry!

—Christina Hendricks

Holidays à la Hendricks "I tend to lean toward things that remind me of my grandparents, which includes '50s-style wreaths and elves. My grandparents always made Christmas seem like a wonderland."

I Am Traditional She laughs out loud every day and can find humor in anything, is dying to learn another language, can always eat pasta, has a soft spot for fringe, and her proudest accomplishment is the home she has created.

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