I Am Traditional: Meet Bobby Berk

Meet the interior designer—known for his role in Netflix's Queer Eye—who launched a furnishings line with A.R.T. Furniture.

Bobby Berk sitting at table

Cherish the past "Spending summers in Houston with my grandmother is a favorite memory. We used to walk through the streets and look at the architecture of old homes. I think it is one of the reasons I do what I do today."

But live for today "I'm not a big believer in bucket lists. I've always believed that we should be living every day as if it is our last and living for the here and now."

Design wisdom "I've never met a black wall I didn't like. I'll always adore tallboy dressers. And midcentury design is my favorite era because furnishings were pared back, designed with function, and everything had a purpose."

House of Berk "I recently purchased a midcentury cabinet for our home office, and although it is surrounded by new and modern items, that old piece brings so much interest to the space and really helps ground all the other elements."

Perfect couple "I'll always be a fan of a vintage Cherner chair paired with a Saarinen Tulip table."

Wedded bliss "It's my proudest accomplishment. Traveling with my husband, Dewey, and taking in new cultures and sights has become a tradition of ours."

Quote held close "'Don't feel bad about saying no.' —Jonathan Van Ness"

Magic man "I'm actually really good at making miracles happen during a design install."

I am traditional He'll always admire designer Michael Graves, is dying to learn how to fly a helicopter, his go-to bar order is a Hendrick's and tonic, and he has a huge soft spot for puppies and breakfast food.

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