House Tour: An Autumn-Inspired Home

Fall colors bring spark and eclectic flair to an historical family home.

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    Family Friendly, Party Ready

    A living room is cozy for family time but retains an air of style for entertaining. Accessories such as a gourd lamp with a feather-covered shade bring panache to the space. To add a subtle beach element, antique hand-painted fish prints hang behind the side table.

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    Ready for Fall

    The inspiration for the living room's autumn color palette came from these floral throw pillows. The taupe background picks up on the wheat-colored sofa. Rich fabrics, such as brocade and braided trims, add a bit of sophistication.

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    Layers upon Layers

    Adding layers creates depth and warmth in a room. Designer Lucy Penfield created the layered look with persimmon, curry yellow, and spring green hues and texture-rich fabrics such as velvet and tapestry. The layers also balance the heavy Tudor architecture of the 1930s home.

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    Blend the Best

    Modern and traditional styles each offer strong suits. In this room, streamlined, modern pieces (like this four-tier shelf) mingle with traditional antique furniture and accessories. The mix offers an eclectic, collected look.

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    Cozy Conversations

    Additional seating by the fireplace adds another conversation area. The chairs echo the autumn hues in the rest of the space. An ottoman doubles as a place to rest your drink during parties or put your feet up and read a good book.

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    Carefully and Thoughtfully Designed

    While the living room is great for entertaining, it is also kid-friendly. The short beige sofas easily disguise stains and the coffee table was distressed for durability. The space also designates areas for work and play, so kids and parents can do their own thing while being together.

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    Step into My Office

    Just a step up from the living room is a small, cozy office nook. The room maintains the same color palette and eclectic collected feel. Display niches showcase favorite accessories. With its zebra-print pillow, woven rattan seating, and wood desk, the office nook is a study in layering textures.

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    The Beauty of Built-Ins

    These cabinets are functional as well as decorative. The architectural details reflect the home's Tudor style and also store office supplies and papers out of sight. Between the two units is an inviting window seat layered with pillows in all sorts of textures and colors.

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    Blend Collections

    Mix soft, organic elements such as flowers and plants with hard, blocky pieces such as pottery, picture frames, and artwork. The mix creates a harmonious blend of textures, shapes, and colors.

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    Dining in Style

    The dining room echoes the warm color scheme of the living room. Chocolate-brown stripes of lacquer and matte glaze lend texture and depth. Natural light from the windows and white trim and cabinets keep the space from becoming a dark corner.

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    Easy Makeover

    Dress up existing dining chairs with slipcovers. Make your own from scratch or buy premade covers and embellish them. The ribbon trim on the slipcovered dining chairs was pulled from colors found in the rug.

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    Enhance the Existing

    To bring life to the subtle, straw-colored kitchen, the walls were covered with a tiny strie pattern of softened red glaze. Striped valances add a whimsical and soft impression to the large windows. Adding color gives the existing cabinets new life to make them shine like never before.

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    Perfect Pairs

    The juxtaposition of clear and colored glass with silver and ceramic pieces adds interest to the hutch. The contrast of the rugged woven rawhide table and chairs paired with the sleek stone countertops and creamy cabinets continues the layered texture look and makes the kitchen a tactile experience.

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