Meet Hygge: The New Trend That Will Boost Your Mood

Everyone is talking about this Scandinavian trend that is all about the art of coziness.

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is tough to put into words. It's basically a warm hug, a fluffy rug, a cup of coffee at sunrise, or a sip of tea at sunset. Without an exact translation, it is the art of cozy, and the happiest countries in the world practice it.

Hygge hails from Scandinavian regions where the people have learned to appreciate the small things. A candle with dinner or a string of lights that illuminates your kitchen is enough to evoke feelings of comfort. To live the hygge way, focus on friendship, wholesomeness, and making yourself happy. Here is some hygge inspiration for all your cozy needs.

1. Show your friends the Hygge way with a Sunday morning brunch.

2. Let candles light the way throughout your cozy coven.

3. Hygge means you can never have too many blankets.

4. Or pillows, of course.

5. There is always time for a bubble bath.

6. Turn your kitchen into an at-home bakery -- yummy treats and all.

7. A good book by the fire can fix everything.

8. String lights instantly warm up a room.

9. Make a reading nook for you and no one else.

10. And never forget the importance of a hot drink.

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  1. Must be the Dutch in me, but I have always considered all these things when decorating and then ENJOY them regularly! It is what HOME is all about...

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