Everyone is talking about this Scandinavian trend that is all about coziness. See how you can incorporate this comfy way of life into your home decor.
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Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is tough to put into words. It's basically a warm hug, a fluffy rug, a cup of coffee at sunrise, or a sip of tea at sunset. Without an exact translation, it is the art of cozy, and the happiest countries in the world practice it.

Hygge hails from Scandinavian regions where the people have learned to appreciate the small things. A candle with dinner or a string of lights that illuminates your kitchen is enough to evoke feelings of comfort. In countries where the temperature dips below freezing and snow piles high, hygge is especially important. To live the hygge way, focus on friendship, wholesomeness, and happiness. Discover our favorite items will fill your home with comfy style.

hygge stool

This fluffy faux fur stool is too cute to pass up. The seating from Deco 79 is perfect for resting your feet in front of a roaring fire. When not in use, top it with your favorite reading material so you can kick back and relax at a moment's notice.

hygge blanket

The inventors of hygge know how to beat the winter chills. Make sure every room in your home is stocked with warm wool blankets as temperatures dip. This way, you're never more than a few feet away from maximum warmth and comfort.

hygge card

Like we've said, hygge isn't just a home decor thing—it's a way of life. One way to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside is to send out handwritten notes. These can be to family, coworkers, friends, or anyone you admire. Share the love this season with monogram cards and a personalized note praising a loved one. This particular card set has ornate lettering with an almost storybook charm.

bottle opener

There's something about nature that makes you feel grounded and full of gratitude. Both are essential to achieving hygge, so it's no wonder there's been an uptick in nature-inspired winter decor. If you don't want to go all-in on a live-edge wood table, consider small accents, such as this antler bottle opener. Each opener is made with naturally shed antlers found in the far north of Finland. Since they're real and not manufactured from a mold, each one is unique!

Image courtesy of Amazon

There's one thing every Dane seems to be in agreement with—candles. In your home, on the porch, during the day or night, candles are a hygge essential. We love Woodwick candles because the natural wooden wick crackles like a fire when lit. Enjoy a night in with a bonfire-scented candle, and get ready to cozy up for the evening; the 10-ounce jars last up to 100 hours!

hygge rug
Image courtesy of Amazon

You might not realize it now, but those hardwood floors you love so much could be the thing preventing your home from achieving hygge. In living rooms, hallways, and kitchens, make sure there's a soft, warm place for your feet to land. Thick shag rugs are great for getting cozy because they basically give your toes a hug. And don't be afraid to layer rugs, too! In our opinion, the more cushion, the better.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
December 30, 2018
While it is admirable that the Danes are getting recognized, it's not quite enough, as certain crucial aspects seem to always be lacking. Writers especially, need to acknowledge hygge is strictly DANISH. As in Danes from Denmark, not to be confused with the Dutch from Netherlands - which happens often. DENMARK is not just Scandinavia, but its own country. Copenhagen is the capital. Scandinavia is made up of Denmark, Sweden and Norway and when something is attributed to those countries, they are recognized by name, while Denmark is just listed as Scandinavia. I'm married to a great Dane and have to clarify these points often. Hygge is amazing and again, glad the rest of the world is getting to learn about its grandeur.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
November 10, 2018
I want that area rug! So warm and cozy-looking...
Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 23, 2018
Must be the Dutch in me, but I have always considered all these things when decorating and then ENJOY them regularly! It is what HOME is all about...