This homeowner and designer creates a laid-back home with a heady mix of old and new, and where imperfection is part of the charm. The renovation of his 1903 home in Brooklyn started with a clean slate.


Several rooms in this renovated home, including the office, bedrooms, and parlors, got off easy with just fresh coats of paint in crisp whites, smoky grays, and a full spectrum of intense blues. Tie-dyed upholstery on the tufted 1970s Milo Baughman sofa and chairs softens the formality of the front parlor. Shapes, such as the globe light, repeat throughout the house.

Party in the Back

A dated fixture was swapped out with a globe light in the back parlor. For a modern look in your older home, start with light fixtures. The original tiles in both fireplace surrounds of this home were intact but didn't truly show their beauty until the walls behind were painted.

Dining Spectacular

The dining room displays the homeowner's 1950s-era dinnerware by Sascha Brastoff, a California ceramicist. Two tacked-up Bill Blass posters add splashes of sunny color and signature irreverence. Each piece is unique and a source of inspiration for the rest of the home.

Ode to the Past

Low cabinets and light surfaces keep the kitchen feeling spacious, while raw wood ceiling beams add rusticity. A peacock blue door is original, something the homeowner says is a keystone to the entire property. Some of the original, worn-looking parts of the house remain, while others areas are brand new.

Art and Expression

A painting found at a Salvation Army showcases the home's cheerful color palette. Whitewashed brick walls and cabinetry let decorative accents take center stage. When you find ideal pieces of art, every inch of your home can brim with personality.

Kitchen Blues

While other parts of this home required just a paint job, the kitchen translated to a total redo. The removal of crumbling plaster prompted the dusty job; when removed, it revealed lath work, brick walls, and ceiling beams. The original exposed beams were left as is, and the spaces between were filled with beaded board to cover electrical wires.

Put to Work

This beautiful mudroom does three jobs at once. First, it serves as space for switching out shoes for slippers. With its shower and central drain, it's also ideal for washing dogs. The room also houses plants—both edible and just plain beautiful—as a makeshift greenhouse.

Glossed Over

The colors for this home were picked so their tones and shades transitioned gradually with the floor plan. A high-gloss version of this matte wall color is used on the trim throughout the home. Walls and baseboards painted the same color give the illusion of height.

Curl Up in Style

High-fashion fabric remnants dress the accent pillows in this master bedroom. A mix of furnishings, accessories, and art follows the new-meets-old trend of the house, with some high-low mash-ups thrown in for good measure. The bold yet casual style makes an inviting impact.

Comments (5)

February 13, 2019
I totally love the blue and want to use it in my own house, with as many details preserved as possible. Stark white or stark grey are my least favorite looks.
December 21, 2018
This home is so Brooklyn -- a style all its own. Very charming.
July 30, 2018
I am a true vintage lover and when I bought my home south of Boston, I brought it back to the era (1890's) w/ a claw foot tub, stained glass window in bath, and a toilet from that era that has a push button flush - one of Cranes early porcelain beauties. So I do like keeping as much as the old as possible - harkens back to the old days of quiet contemplation and fabulous workmanship and no cell phones or social media obsessions. People knew how to talk to each other m- with eye contact!!! And they would treasure antique inheritances like Tall Hall Mirrors with a seat (to put boots on in winter) and Hat Racks to hang your hat and a drawer under the seat for storage. Linda,Boston
July 30, 2018
Yea, I too don't really care for this look. Nothing bad, just not my thing. But sure is colorful!
July 30, 2018
Seems to be a little hung up on purple and blue. No thanks!