Style Lessons We Learned from Gilmore Girls

Where they lead, we follow. Whether it's the Independence Inn or Lorelai and Rory's adorable abode, you don't have to stroll far for style inspiration. Head to Stars Hollow -- where quaint meets quirky and the coffee never runs dry -- with these charming decor ideas inspired by Gilmore Girls.

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    Modern Wallpaper

    Dating Luke wasn't the only upgrade Lorelai made. (Sorry, Christopher.) She upped her style game by adding fresh, floral wallpaper to her bedroom. And we must admit, it stuck.

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    Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

    Because one cup of coffee just won't do. Stack them high and keep them coming. A weathered cabinet makes the perfect home.

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    Bring on the Ruffles

    Denim skirts aren't the only style supported by Lorelai. Dress up tables and vanities with ruffled skirts in fun patterns. Added props if you sew them yourself.

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    Open Organization

    We can't help but love a good hutch. Use the classic storage item to show off a few of your favorite things: baking jars, family photos, even knitting tools.

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    Movie-Ready Family Room

    Ready for a black-and-white movie marathon? Set the scene with floral chairs, patterned pillows, and a tan couch you can sink into -- with a bowl of popcorn, of course.

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    Decorate with Soft Colors

    Love soft colors but don't want a frilly look? Here are the pro decorating secrets for keeping a muted color scheme sophisticated.

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    Friendly Front Door

    Just because you don't have a wraparound porch doesn't mean you can't have that same Lorelai look. Deck your front door with some flowers, colorful seating, and rain boots. (Or in Lorelai's case: pink cowboy boots!)

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    Pattern Play

    Take notes from Rory by mixing and matching patterns. A patchwork quilt and pillows, like the ones here, give her main-level bedroom an eclectic-country feel. Now all you need is a Yale flag.

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    Say Yes to R and R

    Inspired by the Independence Inn, this quaint living room calls for floral wallpaper, sea blue windows, and the perfect dose of symmetry. You can almost hear a harp playing.

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    Inviting Entryway

    Stacked suitcases and a rustic mirror give this entryway worlds of charm -- and nod to Rory and Lorelai's dream of backpacking through Europe. An acrylic resin console modernizes the design.

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    Think Pink

    Think pink. Think Emily. This feminine getaway is nothing short of Rory's made-over room at the Gilmores'. Well, minus the Backstreet Boys posters, but there's nothing wrong with a little #throwback.

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    Dragonfly Dining Etiquette

    You know it's a style success when your dining room decor looks as pretty as the food. Framed artwork makes the dining room at Sookie's Dragonfly Inn pop out like a storybook. Upholstered benches and chairs prevent the look from feeling too stuffy.

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    Once You Go Retro ...

    Vintage vibes only here. Have a little slice of Luke's diner in your kitchen by serving your sweets (and burgers and pancakes) on retro plates. Serve with a side of sarcasm, and you're golden.

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    Fresh Flea Market Style

    Collected and charming, flea market decor can take on a variety different personalities. See how to add the style to your home.

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    Pool Rules

    Emily makes it easy to bring the outside indoors, thanks to splashes of sunny yellow and pops of cool blue. Continue the color scheme throughout the room for a cohesive, pool-house look.

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    Playing with Plates

    Plates aren't just for eating in Gilmore Girls. Display patterned, plain, or a mix of both styles -- either way, the dishware-turned-artwork makes a playful statement you know Sookie would approve of.

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    A Grand Entrance

    Between the tasteful chandelier and ruby-red rug, this East Coast entryway is nothing short of a grand entrance -- and has Emily written all over it.

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    Flower Envy

    The Gilmore girls were all about the florals, and no matter what Lane's mother says, they are sweet and we love them. Just be sure to not overdo it, and incorporate plenty of solid colors to keep the look from overwhelming.

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    Upgraded Drink Station

    No Friday night dinner is complete without a stiff drink. Make your bar cart Richard-approved by filling it with leather-bound books and the finest of liquors. Bonus points if it's mahogany.

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    Fit for a Queen

    So you want to be fancy-schmancy? Learn from the best -- aka Emily -- and treat your living room to a gold-and-pink couch. We have a feeling she knew it would be Pantone's 2016 color of the year.

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