Southwestern Decorating Ideas You Need to Try

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Eclectic Bedroom

southwestern decor bedspread

This modern bedroom uses white as a base color, allowing the Southwestern accents to stand out. A big bull photo grabs your attention as soon as you step in the space, while a bright Aztec throw adds color. A kiva ladder turned into a storage-savvy nightstand is the finishing touch to this stunning room.

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Poolside Pretty

southwestern decor poolside

Colorful Mexican blankets are pretty and practical accessories for poolside lounging. Plus, they'll keep you warm once the sun goes down. Draped over patio chairs, these Southwestern-style blankets complement the bright blues of this backyard's pool and pink stucco walls.

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Cute Corner

southwestern decor interior and chairs

Small spaces need a little Southwestern love, too. This nook features eclectic accents from top to bottom. A rustic exposed beam adds dimension to the ceiling, while an Aztec-print rug lines the floor. Blond wood window trim, furniture legs, and flooring keep the space natural and bright.

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Bold Bedding

Vintage Bedroom

Can't pick between your favorite global styles? You don't have to. Blend different textures, textiles, and accents from your favorite travel destinations. We love this vibrant Southwestern throw and dramatic wall hangings.

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Dine in Style

southwestern decor dining room

No matter the meal, a Southwestern-inspired dining room is guaranteed to please. Strong woodwork, iron accents, and a collection of colorful textiles keep this space modern and fresh. A wall of sliding doors ensures there's always plenty of light.

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Sun Bathing

southwestern decor outdoor shower with blue shutters

Turn your morning routine into a chance to connect with nature. This open-air shower is so chic yet so simple. Stucco walls—as well as stunning blue shutters—are reminiscent of Southwestern style.

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Dresser Dreams

southwestern decor bureau

Rustic wood is a hallmark of Southwestern style—and this entryway features various forms of the material. With a gorgeous sideboard and exposed beams overhead, this room is all about reclaimed wood. A wood-framed circular mirror adds a hint of pretty pattern.

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Rustic Comfort

southwestern decor rustic interior

Southwestern style is known for being rustic and cozy—and this dining room is a perfect example. A long natural-wood table runs the length of the ornate ceiling design overhead. Exposed beams and Aztec-inspired upholstery on the dining room chairs complete the look.

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Accessory Pop

southwestern decor wall

Few things scream Southwestern louder than cow skulls. Use one as an accent in any area that needs a little style—like this tiny patio. If you're not a fan of the real deal, opt for a faux skull instead.

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Pattern Chic

southwestern decor bedroom

This bedroom is the perfect blend of modern style with Southwestern accents. A pretty bird pattern, neutral textured fabrics, and wood furniture add to the Southwestern charm, while contemporary lighting and wall art keep the space modern.

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Colorful Tile

colorful mosaic steps decor

Patterned terra-cotta tile makes a beautiful addition to a patio, bath, or kitchen. Try using it to line an outdoor staircase, as seen here, or as a backsplash. Either way, its bright colors and rugged natural look will add one-of-a-kind personality to any Southwestern space.

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Man Cave

southwestern decor Cabin library

Animal accents help to channel Southwestern style. We love this room's eclectic antler chandelier and faux-fur accessories, which are perfect for a man cave or den. Bold patterned furniture adds to the wild look.

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Adorable Entry

southwestern decor daybed

Sit back, relax, and remove your shoes in an entryway that features a funky patterned chaise longue. The Southwestern furniture piece takes center stage among a neutral setting of gray walls and wood flooring. A cheery gallery showcases travels.

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Cozy Warmth

southwestern decor family room

Warm up in a cozy living room inspired by the shades of the Southwest. A cobblestone fireplace surround dominates this space, while warm neutral furniture pieces fill in the gaps. A pop of red and orange on a tapestry invokes the colors of a desert sunset.

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Bunked Up

southwestern decor bunk beds

Matching is overrated. Try a variety of colorful textiles to really capture Southwestern style, like in this multi-bunk bedroom. We love the different patterns and textures of the rug, bedding, and wall art.

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Gorgeous Jewelry Rack

southwestern jewelry

Turquoise and teal are staple shades of Southwestern jewelry. Instead of hiding it away, display your wares proudly with this stunning shelving idea. A rustic piece of furniture is perfect for housing watches, bracelets, and other bulky items. Necklaces and more delicate pieces hang from a blue reclaimed-wood rack.

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Traditional Blend

southwestern decor elegant interior

This room that looks traditional at first incorporates subtle Southwestern accents. A cow skull above the fireplace and a white hide rug add just a hint of desert decor. The brown ceiling and walls add visual depth to the space.

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Vintage Shed

rustic red barn

Need a spot to hide all of your thrifted flea market finds? Deck out a garden shed with chic Southwestern accents, like these funky vintage signs that pay homage to Route 66.

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