Dreamy Scandinavian-Inspired Decor Ideas

Scandinavian design evokes high-quality craftsmanship with clean lines and a minimalist approach. Form follows function when it comes to creating understated -- and well-made -- decor and furniture that can be beautifully integrated into any home.

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    Hanging Rattan Chair

    Inspired by the Scandinavian era of the '60s, this circular, hanging rattan chair offers an unexpected but cozy spot to lounge and read.

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    Minimalist Dining Table

    The beauty of Scandinavian furniture is its pure, utilitarian, minimalist approach. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and functionality, this walnut table has an understated beauty.

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    White Wood Clock

    Scandinavian interiors are often simple and functional, with each element having a specific need or purpose. Walls are white and furniture is minimal. Layers can be added, but often should serve a purpose and be understated. This clock strikingly blends Scandinavian style by pairing crisp white with natural wood -- the ultimate minimalist combination.

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    Leather Bucket Chair

    Emulating the look of a bucket, this leather-wrapped chair has simple lines and a sophisticated look. Mounted on a solid oak frame, this Scandinavian-style chair would work well as a stand-alone furnishing or in a grouping.

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    Lattice Pendant

    From furniture to accessories, Scandinavian style makes a statement with clean lines and natural materials. A woven pendant can add beautiful texture and height to a minimalist space.

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    Modern Media Console

    Form follows function in Scandinavian style, especially with this modern media cabinet made of a pecan-finish wood frame and white lacquer. The sleek, minimalist aesthetic of this cabinet could be beautifully integrated into any style of decor.

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    Upholstered Chair

    Wood and white are two elements that stand out most in Scandinavian design. The solid walnut frame of this upholstered chair is beautifully complemented with a natural-color textured weave fabric. Although equipped with minimal lines, the chair is both warm and comfortable.

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    Cable Knit Throw

    Thoughtful layers of pattern and texture bring an understated elegance to a Scandinavian setting. A soft throw blanket with a cable-knit pattern can add warmth and depth to a space.

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