15 Gorgeous Scandinavian Rooms Showcasing This Cozy, Minimalist Style

Scandinavian-styled living room
Photo: David Land

Scandinavian rooms and homes are characterized by clean lines, simple color schemes, and interiors that emphasize functionality over elaborate decoration. But that doesn't mean this aesthetic lacks character. These Scandi-style rooms demonstrate how to master this cozy, minimalist look with style.

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Scandi-Style Coziness

bug artwork scandinavian style
David Land

This interior design style originates from Scandinavia, which consists of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (though Finland and Iceland are also sometimes included). Because these northern European countries often experience harsh winters and frigid temperatures, coziness (or hygge, as the Danish call it) is a key element in Scandinavian design.

In this Scandi-style living room, a plush area rug softens the wood floors, and an armchair draped with a throw blanket offers a warm spot to relax next to the wood-burning fireplace.

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Modern Scandinavian Room

minimalist white kitchen dining butcher block
David Tsay

Scandinavian interiors typically avoid clutter in favor of streamlined, functional forms. Lots of white and little ornamentation give this kitchen and dining area a clean, modern sensibility. A wood island top and table introduce texture that keeps the room from feeling too cold.

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Scandinavian Color Schemes

Scandinavian-styled living room
David Land

Scandinavian room color palettes tend to be simple and subdued, with just one or two accent colors paired with a white foundation. Hints of black are often added for dimension, but otherwise, keep your own Scandinavian-inspired space sparsely colored. For example, this neutral living room uses fresh greenery and layers of pattern and texture to achieve visual interest.

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Natural Elements in Scandinavian Style

neutral, minimalist dormer bedroom with wood plank ceiling, white walls, and exposed beams
Tria Giovan

Although often kept to a minimum, natural elements and textures are important in Scandinavian rooms. Weathered wood floors, exposed ceiling beams, or furnishings with visible wood grain fit easily into Scandi-style rooms, as long as the overall effect remains sleek and simplified. Despite its rustic architecture, this bedroom maintains a minimalist edge thanks to neutral bedding and unfussy furniture.

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Scandi-Style Kitchens

black island windows hardware kitchen
Kim Cornelison

Scandinavian style works particularly well in kitchens, where functional design is paramount, and clutter should ideally be kept to a minimum. In this Scandi-inspired kitchen, light wood flooring, a glazed-tile backsplash, and soapstone countertops introduce texture and contrast while maintaining a simplistic look. Sleek island stools add a modern touch to the timeless design.

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Colorful Scandinavian Designs

antlers green dining room
David Land

Bright white, shades of gray, and wood tones tend to dominate Scandinavian room color schemes, but there's room for more colorful designs, too. Soft pastels and earth tones can introduce warmth and personality to an otherwise sparse interior. In this dining room, moss green walls combine with antique wood furniture and natural accents for a rustic take on Scandi style.

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Minimalist Scandinavian Style

autumn décor living room minimalist
Victoria Pearson

Sparse accessorization is fundamental to the Scandinavian aesthetic. To achieve a clean and simple look, avoid overcrowding Scandinavian rooms with furniture, and choose decorative accessories carefully. When decorating walls, select one statement-making piece of art, such as the oversized print above this fireplace, instead of a gallery wall.

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Scandinavian-Style Furniture

flower wallpaper wood dining table
David Tsay

Scandinavian furniture designs often showcase sleek, sculptural forms. For example, the Hans Wegner wishbone chairs in this dining room are a Scandinavian classic with an elegantly curved wood frame. Two are painted red for an extra jolt of color that ties in with the floral-patterned wallpaper.

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Scandinavian-Style Bedroom

arched doorway white bedroom
Jay Wilde

The clean, cozy Scandinavian aesthetic brings a calming sense to bedrooms. In this bedroom, shades of white cover the walls, ceiling, trim, and bedding for a bright, airy look. The floors are left bare so as not to cover up the wood's texture and warmth.

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Scandinavian Design in Small Spaces

black white neutral l-shaped banquette oval tulip table Scandinavian style
Edmund Barr

Scandinavian design perfectly suits small spaces where excess decoration could easily overwhelm the room. In this dining nook, a minimalist color scheme and streamlined, Scandi-style furniture help make the tight space appear larger. Simple wall decor and an assortment of neutral pillows layer in additional personality without contributing to visual clutter.

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Eclectic Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian-styled dining table pendant lights
Marta Perez

Maintaining a minimalist, Scandi-inspired look doesn't mean sacrificing personality. This dining room's mix of artwork and mismatched chairs still feels streamlined, thanks to the pared-down color scheme. Oversized pendants make a stylish statement above the table, but the open weave prevents the fixtures from blocking light or appearing too visually heavy.

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Scandinavian-Style Patterns

white bedroom with large wooden bed
Brie Williams

Within a neutral color scheme, patterns bring visual interest. Striped bedding, a geometric area rug, and shiplap-paneled walls introduce character to this minimalist Scandi bedroom. Styled with sparse accessories and finished with patterned pillows, this look is so easy to replicate.

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Scandi Wood Tones

blue accent wall dining
Jim Franco

Blonde wood furnishings are closely associated with Scandinavian style, delivering natural texture without the heaviness of dark stains. This Scandi-inspired dining room juxtaposes light-toned wood furniture with dark espresso flooring for rich contrast. Large drum pendants contribute a warm, cozy glow.

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Scandi-Style Living Room

neutral Scandinavian style living rom gray curtains leather ottoman
Edmund Barr

Maximizing natural light helps a room appear bright and open, even in the dark of a Scandinavian winter. In this living room, curtains hung at nearly ceiling height draw eyes toward the sliding-glass doors and can be thrown open to let in as much light as possible. Low-slung, clean-lined chairs offer comfy seating that doesn't block too much light.

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Scandinavian-Style Functionality

Desk white chair bins
Laurie Black

Apply Scandinavian style to your workspace for an uncluttered look that encourages focus. Keep decor as pared-back as possible and display mostly utilitarian objects, like file holders, storage baskets, and a few tech accessories. Choose work-surface accessories with simple shapes so as not to disrupt the sightline of the room.

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