14 Rooms with Scandinavian Style

Although choice accessories and a lack of color characterize Scandinavian interior design, the European style can take careful planning to nail. These real-life homes show you how to master the minimalist mood in just a few key steps.

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    Monochromatic Mood

    Color palette is key in Scandinavian style and typically includes just one or two pale accent colors paired with a white foundation. Hints of black are often added for dimension, but otherwise keep your own Scandinavian-inspired space sparsely colored, like this living room that gains pale pink color through its geometric gallery wall.

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    Scandinavian Work Space

    When it comes to Scandinavian-style work spaces, keep things as pared back as possible and display mostly utilitarian objects, like pen holders, pendant lights, and a few tech accessories. Choose work-surface accessories with simple shapes so as not to disrupt the sight line of the room.

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    Calm Coastal Retreat

    Although saturated colors aren't often found in pure Scandinavian design, there are ways to find balance. This all-white bathroom, for example, feels distinctly contemporary thanks to tall white walls, glossy white bathroom fixtures, and chrome details. Because of the simplicity of these fixtures and finishes, the addition of a few bold red accessories doesn't detract from the overall European flair.

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    Sparse Yet Stylish

    Oftentimes the first step in embracing Scandinavian style is to spend time purging your belongings. Sparse accessorization is the all-important key to nailing this European aesthetic, so try removing all of the decorative items from the surfaces in one room, and then put back just three of your favorite pieces. Keep things clean and simple if you want your space to read as Scandinavian.

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    Cool Concrete Finishes

    If contemporary design is what you're after, consider adding purely utilitarian surfaces, like concrete kitchen countertops, throughout your space. The material is eco-friendly and affordable, and when painted or sealed in a sleek color, like the matte charcoal counters featured in this kitchen, the look feels fresh yet approachable.

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    Choose the Perfect Countertop

    Use these tips to help you select the countertop style that's right for your kitchen.

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    Graphic Artistic Appeal

    Scandinavian-style artwork tends to be based on the principles of simplified typographic design. Large-scale patterns are popular, as is blown-out text, and they can be easily replicated in your own space by ordering blueprint-style printouts of letters and numbers from your local printer.

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    Scandinavian-Style Display

    Scandinavian displays tend to be unfussy and streamlined. Get this look by hanging shelving that features a sleek, geometric shape. These hexagonal shelves boast a modern silhouette and are minimally filled to accentuate the beauty of the storage itself. The raw wood texture of the shelves further exemplifies European design.

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    Elements of Nature

    Although often kept to a minimum, natural elements and textures are an important Scandinavian design element not to be overlooked. Furniture with visible wood grain is easily accepted as part of this minimalist school of design as long as the overall silhouette is sleek and simplified. This angular wooden headboard maintains a minimalist edge when set against a clean white wall and styled with black and white bedding.

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    Hairpin Details

    Another element of Scandinavian design that is easy to incorporate into your own space comes in the form of metal hairpin legs. These modern linear legs can be purchased online in a number of colors and added beneath any type of wooden surface to create a European-style coffee table, chairs, or dining surface.

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    Triangulated Design

    Triangles are a popular motif in Scandinavian design, so pepper them throughout your space for three-sided style. Here, black triangles infuse a children's room with whimsical flair. By continuing the motif in the framed artwork and bunting banner, the repetition feels both intentional and mod.

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    Create a Stylish Gallery Wall

    Incorporate Scandinavian style into your artwork with a gorgeous gallery wall. Watch as our experts share their tips!

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    Pixelated Pattern Play

    Although romantic floral and plaid fabrics tend to read as country, pixelated patterns often come off as Scandinavian in style. This contemporary dining room features a number of boxy patterns -- from the rug to the wallpaper to the gridded metal end chairs -- that add up to a sleek and stylish vibe.

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    Multifunctional Furnishings

    Functionality is paramount in Scandinavian design, so furniture that pulls double (or triple) duty is essential. This bed, for example, feels very European with its dual sleeping and lounging functionality. Styled with sparse artwork and finished in a simple gray color scheme, the look is utterly Scandinavian and so easy to replicate.

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    Low-Key Layering

    Because of the minimalist standard in Scandinavian interior design, walls are typically free of bold art and ornamentation. Instead, art is layered on surfaces alongside a few other nondescript accessories for a look that is cool and freshly finished.

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    Organic Celebration

    Create your own Scandinavian-inspired centerpiece by collecting and displaying raw wood elements, simple pots filled with succulents, and bud vases with white flowers. Keep the color scheme limited to natural earth tones to enhance eco-friendly organic textures.

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