21 Maximalist Rooms That Master the Over-the-Top Style

repetition brass living room prints zebra
Photo: Dustin Peck

Not everyone can live as a minimalist does, with pared-down walls, sleek furnishings, and uncluttered bookshelves. In contrast to this less-is-more approach, many prefer their home to look lived-in and layered with color, pattern, and intrigue. These maximalist design ideas prove that less may be good, but more can be a whole lot better.

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Unique Design Style

dining room home decor blue chairs black table
Annie Schlechter

Maximalist design is all about showing off your personality and decorating with what you love. Feel free to mix styles, eras, colors, and patterns to create your own unique mix. Breaking traditional design "rules" is part of what makes maximalism fun.

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Maximalist Color Schemes

eclectic pink, blue, and yellow midcentury sitting room
David A. Land

Maximalism grants you permission to mix and match a variety of bright, bold colors within one room. Drawing color inspiration from a large painting, this maximalist living room combines lavender walls with splashes of yellow, orange, and pink. The vibrant hues all blend well because the artwork ties them together.

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Maximalist Living Room Design

den with blue painted ceilings, blue walls, and blue painted fireplace
Annie Schlechter

The bright blue walls, ceiling, and trim steep this living room in maximalist style. A patterned area rug and sofa piled with pillows break up the blue with additional colors and textures. Vintage furniture and framed artwork contribute to the eclectic yet monochromatic mix.

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Grandmillennial Maximalism

blue red decorated living room furniture and art
Annie Schlechter

Maximalist design goes hand-in-hand with grandmillennial style, which is defined by classic prints and decorative details. Both trends invite pattern-mixing and unique color combinations, like the sky blue and coral prints that cover this living room. A simple pale blue sofa provides a spot for the eye to rest in an otherwise busy room.

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Colorful Living Room

blue mantel and living room
Michael Partenio

Peacock blue paint launches the color scheme for this maximalist living room. Lime and coral are warm complements, while gold accents provide shine. White enters the color scheme on the ceiling, in matching ottomans, and through several of the patterns to lend the room crispness.

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Maximalist Living Room

paintings prints armchair sofa
Anthony Masterson 

Layers of colors and textures are key to maximalist style. In this living room, flea-market paintings and prints cluster above the sofa and lend their hues to the rest of the room. Plum armchairs and a dark teal sofa capture colors plucked straight from the compositions. At every turn, a throw or swatch of lace is placed atop furniture for an additional splash of interest. Even rugs can be layered!

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Repetition in Maximalist Design

repetition brass living room prints zebra
Dustin Peck

Cohesive maximalist design requires repetition, which means using similar colors, patterns, and motifs throughout a room. By repeating various elements, you ensure that your design choices appear purposeful. This maximalist room, while full of personality, still appears orderly, thanks to the multiple appearances of zebra and ikat prints, elephant figurines, and brass accents.

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Maximalist Paint Colors

bold blue white dinning pink stripes
Brian McWeeney

Bold paint colors can easily add maximalist style to a room. Here, pink walls and a brilliant red ceiling deliver a striking impact. Graphic blue-and-white patterns and gold accents add another layer of interest.

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Neutral Maximalist Design

nuetral living room texture pattern
Robert Brantley

Maximalist designs don't require bright colors to be effective. To rev up a neutral room, layer in lots of texture, pattern, and playfulness. In this space, white walls and sofas provide a clean, go-with-anything foundation, while wood tones and browns layer on the warmth. Fun shapes, zany animal prints, and textures that play with light distinguish the maximalist decor.

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Monochromatic Maximalism

royal blue berdroom zebra
Werner Straube

For maximum impact, take a cue from this no-holds-barred blue bedroom and splash your favorite shade with abandon. Sticking with the same medium tone for the sofa, pillows, walls, and bookshelves keeps the room restful, as do a few choice neutrals. A black desk, white chair, and zebra rug are graphic counterpoints that complement rather than compete.

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Maximalist Patterns

bright patterns wallpaper bathroom
Brie Williams

Using large-scale wallpaper and eye-catching fabric might overwhelm larger spaces, but small rooms can easily handle bold patterns and bright colors. Just a few square feet of color make this tiny bathroom extra-special. To make an even bigger statement, include more than one maximalist pattern, like this butterfly-print wallpaper and chevron shower curtain and window valance.

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Maximalist Bedroom

crispy bright gray bedroom
Anthony Masterson

A deep wall color can act as a neutral in a room buzzing with bright hues and busy patterns. Here, chocolaty brown walls anchor a maximalist bedroom that's bursting with orange, yellow, blue, and green. Crisp, creamy woodwork and a pale gray ceiling maintain a clean and bright look, preventing the energetic colors on the bed and curtains from competing.

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Maximalist Bathroom Wallpaper

blue gold ostrich wallpaper bathroom
Jay Wilde

In a maximalist bathroom, opt for fun, outside-the-box choices, like this ostrich wallpaper. Stretching floor to ceiling and feathering every wall, it's a cheeky choice that will undoubtedly bring smiles to everyone who enters the room. The classic black-and-white color combo makes it especially livable. As the finishing touch, a few gold accents act like jewelry for the bathroom.

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Orange Maximalist Decor

invigorating orange bedroom
Jay Wilde

Unexpected and exciting, orange is a go-to accent color for maximalist rooms. Few colors grab attention more readily than orange, especially backed by a clean canvas of white walls and airy curtains. It plays nicely with hues found in nature, such as green, brown, red, and yellow, and with a unifying base of white, the congregation of colors looks both invigorating and inviting.

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Maximalist Wall Colors

Charcoal gray office prints
Jay Wilde

Charcoal gray might not be your first choice for wall color, but it's great for making a bold statement in maximalist rooms. Gray paint colors can be dramatic and dapper, helping to elevate furniture or artwork. Here, dark gray allows a cluster of white-framed posters to pop off the walls. It also mingles well with almost any accent color, from chalky pastels to saturated jewel tones.

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Bohemian Maximalism

twin colorfol cozy bedroom
Lincoln Barbour 

This maximalist bedroom achieves a cozy boho effect with beds piled with collected sheets, quilts, and pillows. The key to this thrown-together look is keeping the colors, including pastels, jewel tones, and darks, at the same intensity. Include plenty of a neutral, such as white, ivory, taupe, gray, or black to give the eye a rest from the action.

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Maximalist Pattern Combinations

breakfast nook patterns green
Scott Little 

Three daring patterns create a bold statement in this breakfast nook. White and gray, two versatile neutrals, repeat in all three prints, tying them together. A black table and chairs also help temper the eye-catching patterns, providing rest in this energetic room.

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Glamorous Maximalist Decor

gold living room bright brick
Anthony Masterson

This loft-style space delicately balances glam and industrial aesthetics. Exposed brick, chrome chairs, and gold accents create a stylish foundation for layering bold patterns and colors. To achieve symmetry and balance, each piece of maximalist decor, including the armchairs, lamps, and pillows, has a matching mate. The walls are simple and neutral to let the other elements shine.

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Maximalist Artwork

bright vibrant breakfast nook sunny
Robert Brinson

Shelves lined with framed artwork can add maximalist style to a small nook. Combine family photos, kids' drawings, and professional paintings or prints to create an upbeat, energizing display. Let the artwork suggest accent colors, like the sky blue and pair of pinks in this dining area, and cover the rest of the room with white to ensure a busy room doesn't turn dizzying.

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Distinctive Architecture

oragnic brick fireplace living room
David A Land

Embrace a room's distinctive fixed features, such as this brick wall and fireplace, to play up their unique style. Shelves, sculptures, and a mirror accentuate exposed bricks, and a fireplace surround contributes a sea green hue. Geometric prints echo the gridlike pattern of the brick, while an organic touch or two, including a terrarium, soften the space.

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Nature-Inspired Maximalism

lime minimalist sleek bedroom
Brie Williams

This sophisticated teenage bedroom showcases trendy leaf-green. Rather than allowing the hue to overtake the room, the fresh color contributes to the room's organic look, complete with large-scale, tree-patterned wallpaper. Because the wallcovering has such a mighty impact, just a few sprigs of green are all that's needed to bring the whole room to life.

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