This Adorable Home Makes a Case for White Walls

See how blogger Ashley Rose packs fresh projects and DIY know-how into her charming, white-walled home that's bursting with flavor.

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    Opposites Attract

    Touches of nature breathe life into this airy white living room. The leafy-green velvet sofa was the jumping-off point for its design, and well-placed plants supply the space with warmth and height. Hefty tree stumps -- found for free on Craigslist -- were cleaned, sanded, and spay-painted gold ombre to serve as side tables.

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    Sensible Design

    Inexpensive upgrades are this blogger's forte. The exposed-lightbulb fixture is simply hung around a shelf bracket. The text art behind the couch is cut from cardstock. 

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    Bar Art

    These oversize geometric cubes were hand-crafted using just a blank canvas, a ruler, and a gold-leaf pen. The cubes drift into the gold bar cart, making stopping for a drink a dynamic destination.  

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    Dine In

    In the dining room, a spacious table serves up seating for a crowd. Mix-and-match seating that includes a long bench and multiple chairs adds flexibility and interest. Colorful geographic art wakes up white walls.

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    Continental Drift

    The DIY theme continues with this urban art. A map was cut into four sections and gold leaf was applied to the North American portion the owner calls home. The mint green makes the gold stand out. 

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    Sweetly Stylish

    Create the look of a charming vintage serving dish by placing a figurine atop an upturned bowl and applying spray paint. The addition of a price tag gives this covered dish a whimsical rustic vibe. 

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    Exclusively You

    These shelves host an eclectic collection of personal belongings that don't forget the gold touches. Add even more personality by purchasing a letter and creating your own marquee by stringing bulb lights through it. 


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    Hold Up

    These shelves were created by distressing unfinished wood that mirrors the dark floors in the living room. The flower vases have that signature gold-leaf look and were built from PVC pipes slipped over glass jars.

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    Patterned Dream

    Don't be afraid to mix patterns within a high-contrast color scheme. Black-and-white patterns on the rug and throw within the same scale play nicely together in this bold, beautiful bedroom. Red-orange bedding introduces an unexpected jolt of color that keeps the space from looking too matchy-matchy.

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    Picture This

    Say what you need to say with this DIY project that involves a canvas and liquid gold leaf. It reads, "You are my bucket list." This is a phrase this homeowner goes to bed and wakes up to. 

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    Hang Loose

    Let favorite wardrobe items and accessories become part of your bedroom decor. A coatrack functions as a hang-up spot for next-day attire and puts beautiful garbs on display. Painted trouser clamps are used to hang pretty, colorful works of art in the background.

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    Blank Space

    A white office gives plenty of room for creativity. The office is mixed with old and new items that give this work space thoughtful juxtaposition. DIY artwork brings in a playful element. Placed above the desk is an inspirational quote hand-designed for daily motivation.

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    Look Up

    A small yard is a perfect place to build a garden up. Mix and match plant colors and varieties for an even prettier vertical garden. An outdoor rug adds an unexpected pop of color underfoot.

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