Home Makeover Tour: Ranch with Open Floor Plan

An innovative designer's motto of "keep it simple, keep it clean" takes shape in this renovated '60s ranch.

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    BEFORE: House Renovation Needed

    Before the extensive remodel, rugged stonework, dark wood, and an overhanging deck gave the house a brooding feel.

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    AFTER: Stylish Stucco Exterior

    Although it looks like a totally new structure, most of the house, including exterior walls and roof trusses, is original. A stucco finish gave the exterior the facelift it needed.

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    Remodeled Living Room

    Interior walls were removed to create an open floor plan, which features a gathering room divided into different seating areas. Removing stone from the walls and adding light maple floors in place of outdated patchwork carpet tiles brightened the space dramatically.

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    Updated Dining Room

    Removing an interior wall and adding windows and a door opened the dining room to treetop views from every angle. The designer turned a negative to a positive by wrapping an immovable support post with a maple buffet, creating a subtle division between the rooms.

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    BEFORE: Master Bedroom

    The homeowners saw potential in the dark, ordinary-looking bedroom.

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    AFTER: Modern Master Bedroom

    Bumping out a front wall increased the size of the master bedroom. Semi-opaque fiberglass panels topped by large operable glass windows provide privacy yet fill the room with light. The low-to-the-floor panels offer better insulation than conventional windows. An updated fireplace adds to the modern look.

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    BEFORE: Floor plan

    Homeowners worked with an architect and designer to add on to and improve existing space.

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    AFTER: Floor plan

    By removing interior walls and refinishing dingy exteriors, the designer and architect created a home filled with light and space for the homeowners to be together. Formerly dated features are now cutting-edge modern, and the home's layout is perfect for appreciating its natural surroundings.

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