A capsule wardrobe is based on the idea of having tried-and-true foundation pieces that can be combined with a revolving door of trendy or seasonal statement pieces. This concept translates perfectly to home decor! With a solid collection of larger furniture essentials, you can easily mix and match the smaller decor items in your home.

By Nina Hendrick

Like your favorite cashmere sweater or a well-loved pair of boyfriend jeans, your home capsule wardrobe should start with important pieces you love that will never go out of style. This will vary by personal taste, but the obvious choice is neutrals.

White sofas are controversial and scare many, but they can be easy to manage with washable slipcovers. White or light beige is the perfect backdrop for more colorful capsule decor or on-trend pillows and throws.

A Neutral Foundation with Summer Accessories

This is a great example of a space with a neutral foundation that has been dressed up with statement accessories. The blues in the textiles and lush greenery give the impression of summer but can easily be swapped out for the next season.

Mix and Match Between Rooms

Your capsule decor doesn't have to be limited to one room. By curating a larger collection of capsule decor that can work in multiple rooms, you bring a sense of cohesion to your entire home. You also give yourself more capability to move a piece to another space if your feel an urge to change things up.

It's not hard to imagine this sitting room as a different room in the same home as the previous photo. Pillows, throws, and accessories could easily be mixed and matched between the two rooms to create an updated look within the same palette.

Simple Seasonal Touches

Once you've established a neutral capsule foundation, seasonal touches stand out that much more. Here, simple but vivid branches and white pumpkins clearly tell a story of fall. However, if you swap out the branches for florals and remove the pumpkins, you quickly have a room that's appropriate for any season. This perfectly illustrates the principle of the capsule collection -- minimalism, practicality, and versatility -- all while maintaining a beautiful home decor aesthetic.


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