House Tours: A Modern Beach House

With clean lines, a cool palette, and vintage vacations finds, this beach house has a chic modern flair.

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    New House, Old Look

    Just 45 minutes south of Boston, this newly built gambrel-roof home looks much like the original 1929 cottage that stood in its spot. The homeowners had lived in the original home for eight years when they decided to expand their cozy beach home.

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    Chic Family Room

    The three main living areas are located in the back of the house: a sunroom, family room, and sitting room. The beachy neutral theme extends into each room through soft blue walls and crisp white furniture. Highlighted over the mantel in the family room, a driftwood mirror adds an extra touch of natural character.

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    Show Off Collections

    This sleek bookcase is the perfect place to show off a collection of white McCoy and California art pottery. The family's collection of vintage globes sits on top of the cottage-style bookcase.

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    Picking Shells

    To make this beach house more authentic, the family gathered shells into basket-like pottery that graces the side table.

    Get the Look: Simple found objects can be dressed up by placing them in a beautiful piece of collectible pottery.

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    Mantel Theme

    A dainty starfish and smooth surf rocks sit gracefully on the mantel in the sitting room.

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    Simple Artwork

    Nothing says family room like family photos. A simple photo canvas hangs from a seashell hook.

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    Classic Touches

    A vintage map of Cape Cod hangs over an antique radio that displays a collection of aqua pottery vases bought through online auctions.

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    Tiki Chic

    This cozy sunroom sports a classy tiki room theme. A palm frond and other tropical motifs help unify a comfortable blend of country, rattan, and mid-century modern furnishings.

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    Show Off Souvenirs

    Tourist souvenirs make the perfect coffee table decor. These ceramic travel trivets double as coasters.

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    Writer's Desk

    A rattan chair and desk add to the tropical theme in the sunroom. The mix of vintage tropical artwork, a classic wood carving, and modern lamp add character to the rich wood desk.

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    Hula Girls

    To feature another vintage collection, these hula girls were placed in shadow boxes and hung above a rattan bookcase.

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    Outdoor Dining

    To bring the indoors out, French doors off the dining room lead to an informal dining spot on the front porch.

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    Homemade Accessories

    These mobiles made from driftwood and shells are an easy-to-make accessory for the outdoor dining room.

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    Roomy Kitchen

    This roomy kitchen and multifunction island allow plenty of space for meals to be made and for the kids to play. The sleek blue, white, and stainless scheme keeps with the neutral feel of the rest of the house.

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    Formal Dining, Beach Style

    The homeowners found this 1940s rattan dining table many years before they had the perfect room for it to fit in. The classic lines paired with the formal mantel create a sophisticated dining room in this beach house.

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    A Mix of Old and New

    Paint-by-number seascapes, bought for a few dollars apiece in thrift shops and online auctions, create a charming tableau on the headboard wall of the master bedroom.

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