Inspired by Chinese art and techniques, chinoiserie is a decorating style that blends Asian culture with Western decor. Get the look in your own home with bamboo chairs, chinoiserie wallpaper, and Asian furniture.

By Katie Bandurski

Chinoiserie wallpaper comes in all sorts of colors and designs -- but the pattern is usually somewhat busy. To avoid overwhelming your space, wallpaper only a small room or a single statement wall. Enhance the look with simple accessories like this powder room's curvaceous mirror and white pedestal sink.

Dining Room

casual dining room

Chinoiserie is very versatile. It can blend with most any style, including modern decor. This dining room pairs chinoiserie chairs and a woven pendant light with a modern color palette of whites, grays, and greens. The textured sisal rug beneath the table marries the two styles.



An entryway is the perfect spot for experimenting with chinoiserie. It adds elegance and character without defining the style of your entire home. Keep it simple with a stunning wallpaper motif above an entry table. This home uses sleek silvers and grays to help the pale design stand out.

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It's easy for bedrooms to be boring -- especially if they stick to a neutral color scheme. Add character with a chinoiserie panel. This intricately carved art piece, nestled behind a nightstand, brings subtle texture to an otherwise monochromatic space.

Living Room

Blue lamp on mantel

Not ready to commit to a piece of chinoiserie furniture or wallcovering? Integrate the style with smaller home accessories instead. This living room mantel features a geometric mirror and a striking blue lamp featuring Fu dogs.



Sneak style into small spaces by replacing traditional furniture with chinoiserie pieces. The key is to stick with the space's color scheme. This cabinet, for example, exudes an Asian elegance without breaking the home's traditional look.



A sunroom is all about natural light. Keep the space airy with lots of white and windows, but add contrast with a pop of fresh color. These red chinoiserie side chairs are the focal point of the room, bringing brightness and character to an otherwise neutral space.


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