House Tour: Light and Bright Vintage Decorating

Inside this 1960s home, antique furniture and accessories, a dose of ruffles and lace, and plenty of patinaed finishes capture vintage decorating to a T.

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    Retro Facade, Vintage Interior

    This home, built in 1962, takes a surprising turn once you walk in the door. Beyond the stucco and stone, you'll find a trove of vintage treasures.

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    Living Vintage

    Antique furniture and salvaged architectural finds dress up this white living room. While antiques can sometimes lean heavy, here, they take a light and bright approach, thanks to pale neutral upholstery and coats of white paint. Chipped and aged finishes introduce vintage texture.

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    Screen Time

    Gold nesting tables bring just the right amount of glam to the flea market vibe of the living room. The iron gate propped up behind the sofa acts as art.

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    Mantel Display

    Antique santos, which were used mostly on home altars or in European churches in centuries past, are pricey and hard to find. But the homeowner captured the same look at a fraction of the cost with a reproduction. The mirror above the mantel creates a strong focal point, while the smaller accessories lend interest.

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    Vintage Vignette

    Rather than one large coffee table, a trio of serpentine metal tables topped with glass stands in, creating a visually lighter look. Vintage treasures, such as beaded ceiling fixtures repurposed as decorative objects, crown the tables.

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    Corner Office

    A collection of tarnished trophies sits atop a circa-1900 wicker desk in the living room.

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    Collected Appeal

    Wire mesh replaced the glass on the doors of a china cabinet, which houses the homeowner's mother's Royal Copenhagen china.

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    Dine in Style

    The bright and white ethos carries into the home's dining room, where junking delights abound. Chairs from Craigslist and a retail coffee table topped with a wood plank prove that finds scooped up from a variety of sources can come together to create one stunning room. New white paint and skirted cushions showcase the chairs' graceful lines. The crystal chandelier and trumeau mirror give a nod to the home's vintage decorating style. Other antiques, including a fish poacher repurposed as a centerpiece filled with flowers, dot the room in curated appeal.

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    Vintage Kitchen

    Like many a modern home, the kitchen opens into the dining room. A Mason jar chandelier dripping with crystals, along with vintage accessories, bring the kitchen back to yesteryear.

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    Feminine Retreat

    Ruffles and lace permeate the home to soften the strong lines of the antique pieces. In the master bedroom, the bed is layered with handcrafted ruched and ruffled linens. An empty frame encircles a mirror to give it presence above the bed. The homeowner painted the frame a gray-tinted white so it stands out from the wall. Underfoot, flecks of rose and blue in a needlepoint rug add warmth.

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    Ruffled Details

    Flirty ruffles -- crafted from a gray cotton fabric and hot-glued into place -- turn a plain lampshade into a romantic accessory. Paired with an alabaster base, the lamp fits in perfectly with the room's aesthetic.

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    Pretty Display

    An antique dress form topped with a crown from the homeowner's store, Shabbyfufu (which sells vintage finds), and her daughter's dress from a performance of The Nutcracker dress up a corner in the master bedroom.

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    Dreamy Gazebo

    Cafe chairs from Provence and a 1980s wicker sofa beautifully blend eras in the gazebo. The seating pulls up to a skirted table for an impromptu dining spot.

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    Get the Look

    Watch and learn the secrets to capturing a flea market-inspired look in your home.

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