House Tours: A Vintage-Chic Cottage

Complete with vintage finds and loads of characters, this cottage has a one-of-a-kind style.

Casual Dining

This breakfast nook is all about color, texture, and pattern. Keeping with the rest of the home's flea-market feel, the homeowner chose to dress the windows in golden drapes with a vintage inspired pattern which pairs beautifully with the woven shades. Through the reupholstered chair cushions and makeshift table runner, the rich golden tones appear in a subtle manner.

Space Saver: In this 1,100-square-foot home, spaces had to be thought out creatively. The dining table occupies a corner of the living room, while the original dining room serves as an office

Simple Touch

Antique glassware placed on a mirror function as a simple yet stunning centerpiece for the kitchen table. Fresh flowers from the garden complete the look.

Vintage Treasures

Flea-market finds, such as vintage lamps and antique globes are used as accent pieces that join textures and patterns giving this room an extra punch of personality.

Relaxed Atmosphere

This home is outfitted almost entirely in vintage items found at flea markets or given by family members. Here, savvy, mismatched style wraps the home in warmth and originality that make even unlikely pieces and pairings work together beautifully.

Finding Balance

Lamps are an easy way to give rooms an instant style boost. This vintage find adds to the yellow color scheme and strikes a beautiful contrast on the rounded green table.

Stunning Suite

In this master suite, eye-catching colors and patterns mix with vintage pieces for an
off-the-cuff design. Don't concern yourself with matching specific pieces, what's more important is the overall effect, such as the mix of red floral curtains, pink bedspread, and light blue padded bench.

Designer's Tip: Enjoy the hunt and don't worry about making everything match. Trust your intuition and let special pieces speak to you.

Personalized Pieces

Let your treasured flea-market finds or family heirlooms tell a story. In this room, vintage jewelry gives the narrow wall a punch of pizzazz.

An Accessory for Accessories

Glass rose buds add an artful twist to storing jewelry. The long glass stems are ideal for clipping brooches or holding bracelets.

Mix & Match

A quiet corner wakes up with a jolt of color and pattern. This eye-catching lamp is the perfect size for the dresser.

Designer's Tip: You'll get the most visual interest from mix-and-match lamps. Don't worry about finding the perfect lamp -- just find the perfect shade and the perfect base and bring them together (making sure dimensions work).

The Perfect Accessory

Both flirty and feminine, a vintage scarf tieback is a creative way to top off a beautiful curtain print.

Get the Look: Choose a scarf that complements your color scheme but doesn't blend in with the curtains. The contrast is pleasing and will make your curtains stand out.

Patchwork Art

A collection of family photos, vintage finds, and her grandfather's painting of flowers grace the walls.

Refreshing Workspace

Once a tiny dining room, this now-sunny office flaunts beautiful built-ins perfect for extra storage space.

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