Incorporating vintage finds with your everyday decor gives your home a stylish, lived-in look. Here's how to include them without having to rethink your entire house.

By Jamie Lott

So you've got a crisp and modern kitchen, but you've just found an old, chippy antiques sign that you just can't live without. Take the example pictured here: The sign is white like the majority of the kitchen, yet its aged patina tells an interesting story without giving the kitchen an overall shabby look. It's paired with other natural elements like the rush seats of the barstools, the cutting board, and the old bread boards. Even in a clean, white kitchen with stainless steel and marble, these elements work. They add warmth without taking away from the other more modern elements, and because a few are paired together, they balance each other out without being overwhelming. The fixture also gives a nod to lighting from yesteryear while still having a modern vibe.

Vintage Textiles

Old grain sacks and tea towels make perfect pillowcases, and old quilts can be beautiful wall hangings in an otherwise modern space. Frame vintage scarves for instant artwork, or use vintage curtains or blankets in the place of modern fabric for a covered headboard with a vintage vibe. Thinking outside the box and using vintage textiles in out-of-the-ordinary ways allows you to incorporate those quirky vintage things you love without giving your home an overdone retro style.

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What's Your Decorating Style?

Vintage at the Table

White or neutral walls make a great backdrop for vintage items like this old table, chairs, and bench. And because the space isn't otherwise busy, throwing in a chippy old stool and vintage blanket top off the space. The ceiling fixture brings the look up, while the old dough bowl filled with colorful fruit and the artwork bring additional color to the space and contrast well with the warmth of the wood. Don't be afraid to pile on some of your favorite finds. Your neutral space will provide the perfect backdrop to show them off.

Vintage in the Bath

Vintage pieces have their place, even in a freshly updated bathroom. Instead of opting for a shiny new mirror, why not choose a vintage one? Paired with a vintage fixture, it adds interest and warmth to the space. It will have all of your visitors asking where you got it. Other great options are vintage jars and baskets for storage,

Vintage Outdoors

If your love for vintage can't be contained, bring it outdoors. Vintage jars and vases are the perfect place to showcase your garden's finest or, if you're no green thumb, the farmers market's finest. For added height, layer them on old stools. A vintage drop-leaf table is perfect to place between two vintage chairs that have just been treated to a fresh coat of paint. A limited color palette is key to keeping your vignette from looking too busy and keeping the look cohesive.

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October 16, 2019
I like only the porch photo. Rest are kind of ugly.
October 16, 2019
I like only the porch photo. Rest are kind of ugly.
September 24, 2018
The text covers almost half of the picture - there's got to be a different way to do this .