Some of the most beautiful furniture pieces are found secondhand. If you want a coffee table with antique appeal, look no further than your local flea market or your neighbor's garage sale. A little TLC goes a long way in transforming these salvaged coffee tables.

By Bri Levandowski

Showcase the natural patina of a worn wood-topped cart by cleaning and refinishing the surface with a clear sealant. Draw out the natural wood tones by painting the metal frame with teal chalk-finish paint. Pops of blue throughout this living room create a complementary color scheme.

Nailed Down

When the structure is good but not so pleasing to the eye, a flea market find can still be flipped into a desirable piece. Adding upholstery can go a long way in making a coffee table a focal point. Finish it off with shiny nailhead detail to highlight your stylish fabric choice.

Fashionable Factory

If you discover an old factory cart at your local flea market, you've struck furniture gold! Refinish the wood however you please because the wrought-iron wheels and framing will be conversation starters, no matter how rustic or refurbished the surface. Factory carts are heavy-duty and will stand up to the scuffs and scrapes of resting feet.

Velvet Love

If you find an old metal table with a cracked or stained glass top, there's a fun and quick fix for it! Remove the glass and spray-paint the metal frame gold. Replace the top with plywood that has been upholstered with a tufted velvet cushion. You'll have a chic coffee table that doubles as a comfy footrest!

Basket Case

To fix up a wicker basket you found at the flea market, start by dusting away dirt with a soft brush. Mend any broken spots with wood glue and strips of reed. After drying, feel free to stain as you would a wooden coffee table.

Simply Distressed

Make a garage sale find blend into your quaint sitting room with a bit of elbow grease. Use a distressing technique to imbue years of age into a newer coffee table. Light furnishings balance the dark "aged" marks.

Trunk TLC

A little spiffing up is all it takes to create the perfect vintage coffee table. A hefty old trunk—perhaps hiding in your grandparents' attic—just needs a quick cleaning before being placed front and center in a den. Be sure to test any cleaners on trunk materials like leather and brass in inconspicuous areas before giving the whole piece a scrub down.

Great Outdoors

Don't forget about your outdoor rooms! A front porch sitting area wouldn't be complete without a vintage coffee table. The best kind of flip is the sort where you don't have to make any changes at all! Simply finish your flea market find with an outdoor-friendly sealant, and let the natural age work its magic.

How to Style a Coffee Table

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