Glass bottles have the power to look really pretty—so long as they're styled properly. Jen O'Brien of City Farmhouse blog shows us how to decorate with vintage demijohns on mantels, tables, shelves, and more.

By Jennifer O'Brien
December 14, 2017
glass vases on shelves

Ahh, the sound of spring is in the air, and I for one couldn't be happier. After a long winter, I am ready for a style overhaul and coastal living. I seem to embrace this idea a little early; I tend to skip over spring and head right for summer. One decorating element I can never seem to get enough of this time of year is glass. Whether old or new, its transparency gives a worn, causal layer to any space without it feeling large or heavy.

Demijohns and glass bottles have become a hot trend. If you walk into any home decor store you will have a variety to choose from. They come in an assortment or sizes and colors and can be used as pure decoration or for purpose. Here are some of my favorite vintage styling ideas using demijohns and glass. Head to my blog, City Farmhouse, for more inspiration.

Cheery Mantel

Decorate with What You Have

A variety of glass containers in different sizes and hues make this mantle feel cohesive and fun—a perfect look for spring or summer. Add fresh flowers, seashells, and other beach-y accents for a coastal vibe. Or try sprigs of greenery, fresh lavender, and herbs for a country French look.

Structured Space

Retro Revival House Tour

This vignette feels organic and unified with the olive tones and warm worn textures. A daring blue locker is the star of the space, while simple art and a pipe lamp understudy. The green and clear bottles—in various shapes and sizes—complete the look. 

High on Style

Change Artist

Varying size and scale can make any stylized area feel effortless. This space relies on bottles of different shapes and heights to give each bookshelf character. Other accents, like books and reed diffusers, break up the space so it's not completely transparent.

Built for It

rustic hutch with blue vases

Decorating a built-in or hutch is a perfect place to mix and match your collection and give yourself some creative freedom. Layering height, color and odd number assortments are a few things to keep in mind when trying to achieve this look. This hutch, for example, is painted in the same mottled blue effect as some of the bottles.

Just a Few

wooden shelving

Adding or interchanging just a few glass elements into a space will instantly give you a casual, coastal look without redecorating the entire room. Here, a collection of wide and tall bottles effortlessly complement a trio of family photos. Try this look on a TV stand, bookshelf, buffet table, or other decorative nook.

Up Down

green and clear bottles on display

Varying sizes, heights and colors gives this collection a casual, cohesive look. And, when tucked on the top of a bookshelf or hutch, the demijohns help bring visual interest to an otherwise unnoticed space. Just be sure to display only a few bottles—too many can look cluttered.

Tray Chic

blue bottles on table

Glass bottles and demijohns on a tray is the perfect coffee table look. Ideal for spring or summer, this collection brings just the right amount of color and clarity to the small space. Brambles of blossoms are a nice finishing touch.  

Open Air


Adding a few worn bottles to open kitchen shelving makes this space feel stylish, original, and uncluttered. The demijohns blend in with other types of glassware—including drinking glasses, wine glasses, and pitchers—for a pretty yet functional display. Fresh flowers and herbs planted in some of the bottles enliven the shelf.

Bathroom Style

bathroom tub with built in shelf

Bathroom nooks are often overlooked. But decorating your open shelving with large purposeful glass bottles and jars brings function and style to your space. Balance the bottles with whites and organic textures for a stylish, semi-rustic look.

Lots of Layers

living room fire place

Layering moody tones in with your vintage demijohn collection makes the space feel grounded and unified. This rustic, coastal look is timeless and can be worn all year long. A large, botanical painting below the mantel changes with each season. 

Center of Attention


Using your glass bottles and demijohns as a purposeful collection is a fantastic styling idea. Whether its cut flowers or branches, using them as vases brings function and beauty together and also makes for a great conversation piece. Try using the bottles as a centerpiece, either indoors or out!

Just a Touch

entry way table and mirror

Look no further than this buffet table for another example of how a collection can seem organic by simply repeating color and texture. Glass bottles of varying sizes live within the same color family. And the veined style complements the table's wood grain.


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