From vintage baking trays to industrial grain scoops, these five hot trends were all over Round Top Antiques Week. We've got tips so you don't overpay!

By Coryanne Ettiene

1. Vintage Baking Trays

Your grandmother's old cast-iron skillet is still popular, but when it comes to junking at Antiques Week in Texas, the bigger the better. Look for industrial baking trays used by bakeries and institutions that prepare burger buns, bread loaves, and cakes.

Usually found in stacks in the fields around Warrenton, these rustic gems start around $8 apiece and can fetch upward of $15. Anything over $20 and you are paying a premium for this season's hottest-selling item. The trays make great backsplashes, hold-alls on big kitchen tables, and even feature pieces on an empty wall.

2. Wire Corn-Husking Baskets

Big, industrial, and reminiscent of early farming, these huge wire baskets are starting to appear in a few select stalls as chandeliers and sculptures. Rusty, tangled, and enormous, they're hard to miss when you tour Antiques Week.

Measuring 2-3 feet across and nearly as tall, they look stunning hung with an Edison bulb or piled high as a garden sculpture. The least expensive baskets start at $75 and are easy to spot stacked up outside select stalls. If you are looking at one that has already been transformed into a light fixture, it could cost as much as $150.

3. Wooden Produce Crates

Vintage farm pieces continue to be popular, and among the more affordable objects are produce boxes. Many stalls sell cranberry boxes from Wisconsin and orange crates from California.

Expect to find boxes void of the early farm labels, with slightly faded painted logos and splintering wood. Those that smell of stain or with bold logos are more than likely new pieces made to look old. Smaller crates start at $10, with larger pieces fetching just over $50. Great for storage or creating a wall feature, produce crates will take up a fair bit of trunk space, so be sure to measure before you buy.

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4. Vintage Grain Scoops

Another trending farm item, vintage grain scoops started to appear earlier this year selling for as low as $5 apiece. But with the versatility of the shape, they have quickly become the darling of the antiques scene and can cost as much as $10-$20 now.

Look for scoops with rust that dusts off when touched to ensure you are picking up the real thing. And watch out for sharp corners and exposed screws when sorting through scoops. They look great hung in a pattern on a garden wall and filled with succulents, or cleaned up and used as hanging storage.

5. Handblown Wine Carriers

One antiques trend that is not farm-related, handblown wine carriers are one-of-a-kind pieces from Europe that are a hot commodity because once they sell, there is no restocking. Made in Hungary, Italy, and France, their price depends on the glass tone: clear glass starts at $20, dark green at $30, clear glass with a tint of green at $35, and brown glass at $50.

Look for air bubbles, slanted bottles, and longer-than-usual necks for a piece that stands out. They are a great way to decant wine or can be used as a vase for delicate flowers.

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