Dreamy Woodland Decor We Love

Bring the outdoors inside with these woodland decorating ideas. Including botanical prints, woodsy wallpaper, and nature-inspired accents, these forest-friendly ideas are guaranteed to breathe life and beauty into your home.

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    Wicker Wraps

    Channel a walk in the woods with wicker. This versatile weave is reminiscent of tree bark, especially when wrapped around vases filled with fresh greens. Retro flora wall art and a cheery mushroom accent further elevate this nook's woodland status.

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    Fairy Garden

    This stunning space looks like it could be part of a set for A Midsummer Night's Dream. The ivy-wrapped beams, plus an elegant chandelier, wooden furniture, and pinecone accents, make for a dreamy small space. Try the trend with faux greenery in your attic or outdoor room to create a gorgeous she-shed escape.

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    Botanical Beauty

    Botanical prints are the perfect pick for a gallery wall. Look for art at thrift stores and crafts shows, or consider pressing your own blooms. The key is to pick art in the same color scheme -- like this wall's leafy green and mustard hues -- then hang pieces 3-6 inches apart.

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    Create a Wood-Slice Cheese Tray

    Add rustic appeal to your next party with a fashionable tray made from a natural wood slice.

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    Flower Power

    A decorative bird's nest is the perfect vessel for small plants. Pair with other woodland accessories, like rustic wood slices, twigs, and feathers, for a simple decoration. Pro tip: Keep the look green longer -- and create less mess -- by choosing a faux plant.

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    Woodsy Vibes

    This room draws woodland inspiration from neutral colors and plush surroundings. A luxe brown velvet sofa is reminiscent of soft moss on a forest floor, while a marbleized rug gives the visual effect of moving water. Small accents, like a decorative branch and fresh greenery, add to the forest finery.

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    Tiny Terrarium

    Put your miniature gardening skills to the test with this tiny woodland terrarium. Start with a base of rocks and moss, then add succulents and decorative figures. The beauty of this terrarium is that it works anywhere you need a little dose of nature. Stash it on a bookshelf, mantel, or end table.

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    Darling Driftwood Wreath

    Add instant charm to your front door with a rustic wreath. This wow-worthy driftwood and burlap piece is easy to make but will leave guests complimenting your DIY skills.

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    Natural Elements

    Buffet tables are awesome when you're having company but can be awkward to decorate between uses. Go for a fun scheme -- like this woodland-inspired table -- that features twigs, fresh florals, and antler scraps. When company arrives, easily transfer the decor to your dining table for an instant and effortless centerpiece.

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    Winter Whites

    Bunny rabbits are not just for Easter. Amp up the furry mammal's status by pairing rabbit figurines with moss and pinecones. Place the woodsy trio on a mantel, bookshelf, or vintage baker's rack.

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    Into the Woods

    Woodland decor doesn't have to be neutral -- just look at this bright blue birch wallpaper. Stick to one accent wall to avoid overwhelming a room. Paired with bright green, this color combo is perfect for your little one's playroom.

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    Cabin Chic

    Add warmth to a modern space with chic cabin decor. Moose antlers, a reclaimed-wood mantel, and an animal-print rug keep this eclectic space from being too wild.

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    Natural Color

    Looking to capture attention? Go for a piece that truly stands out, like this reclaimed-wood mirror. The mirror serves as a focal point, so while the rest of the decor isn't nature-inspired, the space still gives off a woodsy vibe.

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    DIY Table Accents

    Craft these woodland-creature place-card holders for your next dinner party. They're super simple to make and require only six materials. 

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    Animal Accents

    For a small space like this sitting nook, it's OK to stick with one neutral color. Beaded-board walls, a hardwood floor, and wicker furniture -- all in various shades of brown -- work together to create a rustic reading area. Animal prints and an antlered coat rack keep the nook from looking drab.

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    Put a Bird on It

    Bird accents offer all the charm of owning a feathered friend without the early-morning wake-up calls. Look for birdcages, bird art, and faux nests to integrate into your decor. 

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    Forest Gallery

    Plates aren't just for the kitchen anymore. Hang up a collection of forest-theme dinnerware in a variety of shapes and sizes for an easy gallery wall. Pick plates that are evergreen and can stay up year-round, or switch out your collection with each change of seasons.

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    Rustic Relaxation

    Whooooo's that in the bathroom? You can add instant woodland style with just one accessory. To keep the decor charming instead of kitschy, opt for pieces that are also functional, like this friendly rustic owl who's guarding bath towels.

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    Soft Hues

    Think spring all year long with a nature-inspired color combination. Minty green walls pair perfectly with a robin's-egg blue chair, while neutral grays and beige balance the space. Woodland accessories -- like a trio of botanical prints and a birdcage terrarium -- complete the look. 

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    DIY Rustic Candle Craft

    Wood candleholders can cost a fortune. Make your own with this simple DIY. Plus, by using real branches, you instantly add rustic charm to any room.

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    Cabin Fever

    Wood-panel walls don't have to look like they're out of a 1960s nightmare. A gorgeous light wood paired with a blue trim makes this rustic, cabin-style kitchen modern and fresh. 

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    Nest Nook

    Spruce up the smallest of spaces with tiny woodland accents. Little decorations add easy style without sacrificing much space. A miniature bird nest placed atop a pile of books is the perfect accent to a carved desk.

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    Wood Stock

    You likely wouldn't think to stack a supply of firewood inside the fireplace, but that unusual approach is what makes this rustic decorating trick work. Pair the firewood with other wooden accessories -- a teak chair and candleholders -- for maximum effect.

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    Outdoor Elements

    Make a seamless transition between your patio and the great outdoors by incorporating wild accents, like reclaimed wood, into the area. Just be sure to keep things cozy with a fire pit and a pile of plush pillows.

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    DIY Wood-Slice Coasters

    Coasters are an important part of protecting your furniture. Keep the function but add a dash of sassy style with these watercolor wood-slice coasters.

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    Stone Walls

    Stone has a tendency to look cold and sterile, so warm it up with some wood paneling. This blend of textiles with a cozy stone fireplace creates a rustic cabin escape that's perfect for curling up with a good book.

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    Retro Romance

    Few things beat eating breakfast outdoors. Capture the moment inside with forest-inspired wallpaper, fresh flowers, and sunshine-yellow velvet chairs.

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