Cabincore Decor Brings Warm, Nature-Inspired Ideas for Fall

Incorporate these cabincore decorating ideas to add warmth to your home, no matter where you live.

Throughout the spring and summer, the cottagecore aesthetic filled our social media feeds with idyllic images of flower-dotted meadows, freshly baked breads, and English cottage-inspired interiors. Now, as colder weather settles in, and autumn leaves begin to fall, a warmer, more rustic variation called cabincore is poised to take its place as the season's must-have style.

Drawing inspiration from remote, woodsy locales, cabincore evokes the bucolic comfort of an A-frame cabin nestled in the mountains, where you can snuggle under a wool blanket in the evening and sip hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire.

A scroll through the millions of posts tagged under #cabincore on TikTok and Instagram reveals scenes of misty forests and quaint cabins decked out in wood paneling and twinkling string lights. The aesthetic captures a feeling of tranquility that many of us crave amid our hectic reality. But you don't need to own property in rural Vermont to capture the spirit of cabincore. These decorating ideas show you how to recreate the warm, outdoorsy feel, no matter where you live.

master bedroom with neutral textiles, lucite bedside tables, and exposed wood wall
Michael Partenio

1. Layer on cozy textiles.

While cottagecore is light and whimsical, cabincore emphasizes warmth and practicality. To stay toasty on chilly evenings, layers of plush textiles are a must. Warm up cold floors with thick, textured rugs (like this Better Homes & Gardens Diamond Coast Area Rug, $51, Walmart), drape faux sheepskin pelts over bare benches or chairs, and pile your bed or sofa with thick blankets. Opt for plaid patterns, fuzzy fabrics, or chunky knits to amplify the feel.

rustic farmhouse living room stone fireplace unpainted walls
Tria Giovan

2. Emphasize your fireplace.

A warm, crackling fire on a chilly autumn night is the epitome of cabincore. Make your fireplace the focal point of the room to hint at that comforting feeling, even when the fire's not lit. Hang a large piece of nature-inspired art above the firebox, and decorate your mantel with candles (like this rustic Better Homes and Gardens Farm Apple Pumpkin Bell Jar Candle, $13, Walmart) and vases of flowers or dried grasses. A fireplace design that showcases rustic stone or a reclaimed wood mantel adds to the look.

wood wall with games and drinks on traditional console table and sheepskin stools underneath
Michael Partenio

3. Incorporate natural elements and materials.

Nature serves as the main inspiration behind the cabincore trend, so decorating with natural elements is key. Bring the outdoors in with materials like weathered wood, faux fur, leather, and natural fibers. To introduce the calming effects of nature, accessorize with plants, fresh or dried floral arrangements, and art depicting forest scenes or woodland creatures.

open-concept living room with abundant windows, gray trim, arched ceilings with exposed beams and gray furniture
Michael Partenio

4. Decorate in warm, earthy colors.

Warm autumn tones and earthy, nature-inspired hues best exemplify the cabincore aesthetic. For inspiration, consider the colors you'd typically find while hiking through a forest, such as moss green, rich terra-cotta, burnt orange, or goldenrod yellow. For a grounding effect, round out your color scheme with neutrals, including creamy whites (like this Better Homes and Gardens Tufted Trellis Throw Pillow, $16, Walmart), deep grays, and earthy browns.

wood paneled room with wood burning stove
Victoria Pearson

5. Embrace dark tones and moody lighting.

Lean into a darker, moodier look to recreate the atmosphere of a secluded log cabin. In living areas and bedrooms, embrace dark paint colors or wood-paneled walls that boost calm. Trade harsh overhead lighting for softer ambient lighting from table lamps, wall sconces, or string lights. In the evenings, switch off the lights altogether in favor of candlelight or the glow of a fire.

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