Romantic Decorating Touches

Get in the mood for romance with these elegant and luxurious decorating touches. We have 15 ideas, some for every room in your home.

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    Real Glamour

    The details make this romantic bedroom. Light pink floral wallpaper recedes to put the luxe bed and tufted headboard on display. Crystal lamps with mod bases and streamlined shades lend glitz to handsome side tables. And a container of pretty flowers injects vitality and romance.

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    Layers of Comfort

    Turn small scraps of leftover fabric into an asset by piecing pillows to match your decor. These blue beauties stand out against white-and-gold furniture and a dramatic staircase. Fabrics like velvet, faux fur, or silk add decadence.

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    Sophisticated Respite

    Purple is the color of royalty, so why not use it to make a bedroom fit for a queen. The elegantly draped valances echo the lines of this chic bed. Other rich touches, such as gemstone drawer pulls, keep the space modern and fresh—not stuffy.  

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    French Charm

    A muted color palette, elegant details, and airy architecture are hallmarks of this French-style living space. We love the little touches that make this space cozy yet chic, such as ruffled furniture edges and intricate iron work. Piles of pillows and throws make this the perfect room to settle in for an evening at home. 

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    Beach-Cottage Casual

    A breezy beach-style bedroom takes comfort seriously. The furniture and accessories are delightfully relaxed and inviting—the very definition of romantic. The starry pillow covers, textured duvet cover, and nautical striped bedding pair with vintage accessories for pure charm. 

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    Elegant Canopy

    Crowned by white curtains, this bed feels cozy and airy at the same time. The recessed panels and ceiling wear creamy white so their architectural interest speaks for itself. Light sage is the only other color in the space, creating a serene getaway.

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    Shades of Gray

    Do you love traditional furnishings? Then this bedroom with pale gray walls may be your idea of a romantic retreat. The vaulted ceiling makes the room feel larger than it is; plush, tufted furniture adds small-scale comforts. 

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    Subtle Distinctions

    The soft rhythm of colors creates a soothing sensation. A room where the color shifts only in slight shadings, like this glamorous pink living room, exudes a quiet, romantic elegance. Shades of soft pink accent nearly every aspect of this room: the throw pillows and furniture to the vase of peonies on the coffee table

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    Modern Canopy

    Canopy draperies set a romantic look even in contemporary rooms. These velvet curtains fit the bedroom's black-and-white color scheme. A modern pendant dangles above the bed like a necklace

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    Romantic Bedside Table

    Create a private mini haven by arranging a bedside table with mementos and flowers. A crystal lamp, fresh flowers, and silver frames sit on a pretty nailhead-trimmed table. Minimalist painterly art sets off the details. 

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    Go for Gold

    Surround yourself in a color you adore. Sunny golden accents sing of happiness whether the day is clear or rainy. Though a living room is a shared space, you have the power to make it your own through color and decoration.

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    Floral Fascination

    It's almost too obvious to mention: Flowers speak of love. Bundles of flowers—vases overflowing with blooms, botanical prints on the wall, fabrics strewn with a pattern of your favorite blossom—easily set a romantic mood. 

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    Fireside Scrolls

    This too-plain fireplace was given a romantic touch with sweet bird details. A birdcage doubles as a fireplace screen, and a printed pillow features the feathered friend on a nearby chair. Pale pink and blue accents keep the area airy. 

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    Lights That Sparkle

    Give a room that certain glow by using light sources with the reflective power of mirrors, crystal, and baubles. An enormous chandelier crowns a bathroom and casts glitter every time it's turned on. For a soft, frosty glimmer use pearlized beads and etched-glass pieces.

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    Earthy Delights

    There's no need to confine romantic spaces to the indoors. A small patio retreat recalls the countryside as the place for a private tête-à-tête. Glowing lights surround an intimate bistro set. 

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