Refreshed Cottage Style

A traditional cottage-like home is updated with modern and refreshing additions, details and designs.

Summer Cottage Character

The front ten feet of this house was added to create more space and to add to the cottage-like tone of the home. Extra space for relaxing and hosting guests is created with the additional space that was made into a screened-in porch. The X design of the balustrade somewhat matches the wooden rail that surrounds the home and breaks up the vertical and horizontal lines from the windows and staircase.

Natural Elements

A neutral color palette with brick and wooden features gives this large living room a calm and cozy feel. The indoor tree softens the hard lines of the room and adds a refreshing splash of green. The green color from the tree and other decorative plants and the warm colors from the throw pillows add to the nature-inspired, earthy look. The wooden finish on the chest and the worn wood frame on the mantle bring a relaxing touch to the space. A brick wood-burning fire place also adds a more natural look to the room, but the cream paint to match the walls gives an elegant feel.

Necessary Refresher

A tiny kitchen can easily feel cramped and can be difficult to personalize and decorate without looking cluttered. Adding open shelves helps refresh this kitchen by providing necessary storage space but also by adding a visual aspect to the room. The colorful and floral rug adds a splash of color and prevents the kitchen from looking boring.

Creating New Space

Open shelves, rather than upper cabinets, are a great way to modernize a kitchen and not spend a fortune. The shelves, brackets and wall are all the same color to keep it sleek and organized looking. Counterspace adds more room for storage or space for meal preparation.

A Touch of Texture

A creamy color palette paired with black accents and a mix of textures turns this simple dining room into a modern space. A rattan chair is painted an ivory color to give it a lighter and more up-to-date look. The sisal floor mat and wooden tabletop give the room a nature-inspired look, which is contrasted by the wrought iron light fixture and the large black frame. The combination of materials and light and dark accents creates an elegant look out of casual materials.

Behind Closed Doors

A makeshift laundry room is created by adding paneled doors to the living room and hiding the washer, dryer and cleaning products behind the doors and out of sight. Shelves above the front load washer and dryer provide sufficient storage space for cleaning supplies that only seem to belong in a laundry room. The washer and dryer can be hidden by a curtain that slides across the bottom shelf and makes the space just look like a glorified closet, rather than a space for a laundry room.

Small Made Spacious

This small 10x11 foot room is given a spacious appearance thanks to purposeful uses of color and room accessories. The lightweight draperies on the window allow the natural light to bounce off the white walls, making the room appear larger. The colors on the bedding also add to the dimension of the room. Changing the sheets on the bed and simply pulling the bedcover down to show them off can be a quick custom look that can be changed anytime.

Experimenting with Décor

Unique pieces of decoration can call attention to certain parts of the house and bring in bits of personality. Interesting design elements, such as the shaped backing on the cabinet, the skull hanging on the wall or even the rattan chair that’s different from the rest, can turn a conventional space into a distinct and modern room.

Porch Sitting

A screened-in porch is the perfect setting for sunny relaxation and calm conversation. Wicker and wooden furniture with comfy cushions give an outdoorsy look and feel. The overhead light allows the porch to be used not only during the day, but at night as well. French doors open between the house and the porch to let light and breezes into the house. The planked pine board ceilings are rugged and worn with texture, but painted creamy white to keep a clean, put together look.

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