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How to Carry Color Throughout Your Home
Choosing colors you love and incorporating them into the design of your home adds personality and vibrance to your day-to-day life.

Eye-Catching Color Combos

Bright colors make this traditional facade stand out. The front door is painted three different shades of blue-green, with areas sanded off between layers and a stain added for depth. The contrast between the door and purple shutters with the clean white siding makes the house intriguing and eludes to even more color combinations inside.

Complementary Colors

Several features throughout the house are in shades of turquoise. But the entry's earthy red walls add a splash of color that perfectly complements the blues found elsewhere. Other accents throughout the house -- such as artwork, books, and terra-cotta pottery -- add earthy tones that contrast and balance the cool colors.

Seasonal Decor

The color palette of this room is established not by the paint on the walls but rather by the art, accessories, and furniture. The pastel color scheme is created by the throw pillows and blanket, the lilac slipcover on the club chair, and the books and trinkets throughout the room, giving it a fresh feel. The versatility of the room makes it possible to change the colors and designs throughout the year.

Vibrance and Variety

Different materials, styles, and colors come together to give this kitchen a personalized, comfortable aesthetic. Wooden trim around the windows and walls and bronze-color metallic light fixtures bring a rustic, almost country feel to the room, while the vibrant turquoise chairs add modern flair. The natural lighting from the wall of windows adds to the cheery, comfortable atmosphere of the room.

Chameleon Color

The neutral color of the cabinetry changes as the light shifts throughout the day. Raw wood and hand-hewn tile continue the rustic theme from the adjacent dining room.

Dine and Recline

A relaxing sitting area right off the kitchen makes a perfect space for entertaining or post-meal relaxation. Keeping with the blue color palette, the plush love seat adds a sense of comfort that encourages relaxation. Patterned accents in the throw pillows and rug add texture and pops of green to the blue color scheme.

Warm and Cool Tones

Although the cool turquoise palette is the most obvious color scheme throughout the house, complementary warm red tones are also scattered about, adding more vibrance and dimension to the home. Occasional accessories, such as this chest, incorporate the warm, rustic tones in a discreet yet noticeable way. Throw pillows, glassware, chairs, and the occasional wall or two fold cheery color into the this cool color scheme with grace.

Selective Simplicity

The rest of the house is teeming with color, but this small bathroom keeps it simple. A neutral color palette and nature-inspired decor make the room calming and uncomplicated. The metallic flowerlike frame surrounding the mirror and the arched faucet on a simple white sink balance the earthy green color of the walls and the prairie grass paint details.

Dividing Lines

This large bedroom seems even more spacious due to the floor-to-ceiling brick wall, which separates the room into different sections. The rustic and rugged composition of the bricks adds texture and a bit of color to the otherwise neutral room, and the natural light paired with the brick gives it a loftlike tone.

A Neutral Pause

While the rest of the house is erupting with color, this room takes a break and shows how decorating with neutrals can be just as exciting. Various patterns in neutral colors layer together to add texture and dimension to the room. The lack of color but abundance of texture creates a sophisticated and interesting space.

Cool Comfort

This guest room looks playful for children but sophisticated for adults. The pale turquoise walls and bedding make the room feel light and airy, keeping with the cheery, playful vibe, while the caramel bed skirt and accents in the carpet keep the room from becoming too childish.

Cozy Clubhouse

A casual, family-friendly space is created in the attic with comfortable furniture, natural lighting, and unusual architecture. Angled wooden beams give the room a clubhouse feel, but the patterns and colors in the throw pillows, cushions, and furniture keep it sophisticated and fit for all ages. The white walls, natural lighting, and light stained hardwood floor make the room seem large and airy.

Great Outdoors

The backyard is one of the highlights of the house. The large yard and patio area serve as a perfect place for entertaining large groups. The landscaping and the turquoise and red furniture are appealing to the eye and give the yard a pleasant, cheery feel. The wall of French doors at the back of the house allows convenient access to the yard as well as plenty of natural light inside.

Rooms connected by color will create a cohesive, designer-level look. But you don't need to replicate the same color scheme in every room. These tricks for carrying a color scheme will show you how to create different looks from room to room, all unified by color.

Color Tips: Carrying a Color Scheme

Watch and see how to carry a color scheme throughout your house.

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