Going Green with Style

This modern farmhouse is both stylish and eco-friendly, with all of its features centered around sustainability, energy efficiency and going green.

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Country Contemporary, Eco-Friendly

home exterior

A wraparound porch, rustic finishes and furniture and simple architectural features give this home a country, farmhouse look. But modern accents, like the bold stripes on the paper lanterns on the porch, give the house a contemporary look. The home is totally eco-friendly, complete with recycled materials, energy efficient appliances and features and versatile and sustainable flooring and furniture.

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Calm with a Kick


Extra-large planters full of ferns and creeping Jenny line the edges of this wide front porch creating a calm, natural feel. The green stools match the plants which echo the green of the landscaping. Rattan furniture also keeps with the nature-inspired theme. Boldly striped cushions on the seats and the stripes on the overhead lights add a modern kick to the space.

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Multi-Use Furniture


Versatility and sustainability are the guidelines behind every layout and design decision in this house. An open bookcase, with easy access to the back and the sides is a piece of furniture that can serve several purposes. Whether it’s a bar, library, front-door drop zone, dining room buffet or a space for storage or decoration, the purpose of a bookshelf like this can change as needs change.

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Material Masterpiece

dining table

Several different materials combine to create an elegant and rustic dining area. The Belgian oak trestle table and rattan chairs, along with the hardwood floor, contribute to the rustic, country-like look, while the linen-covered banquette and overhead light fixture keep the room somewhat modern. Interior transoms and glass doors allow natural light into the room, giving it a warm tone. The prints on the throw pillows and wall add a touch of style to the otherwise simple space.

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Recycled Chic

All Mixed Up

From the mantle to the table to even the magazine tote, nearly all of the accessories and pieces of furniture in this room are from recycled materials. A beam reclaimed from a North Carolina tobacco farm became the rustic mantle and the décor on top of it comes from a recycled jar and farm implements. Rather than a traditional coffee table, three wing chairs are grouped around an antique Chinese elm table and a reclaimed teak stool. The magazine tote is made of recycled rubber.

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Reflected Contrast


Simple attributes of this kitchen play off each other to bring a quaint elegance to the room. White, shaker-style cabinets are a conventional feature, but the stainless steel appliances bring in a modern touch. The countertops are made of speckled granite, which ties together the industrial appliances and the traditional cabinetry. An antiqued mirror as a backsplash adds depth to the room, gives it a somewhat vintage look and reflects and amplifies natural light.

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Sitting in the Light


Wall-length windows are both an energy saver and a great design element. Large windows provide both natural light and heat, perfect for conserving energy. Cushioned window seats provide extra seating for entertaining, or just a prime spot for some sunny relaxation. The open spaces beneath the benches provide extra storage space.

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Bold Features

green chair

The structure and layout of the house is fairly simple with neutral colors, wood floors and lots of natural lighting for example. But random bold prints create a modern look while also bringing in the strong nature-inspired theme. The leafy green print on this settee adds a splash of color and diversity to the otherwise simple and somewhat plain room.

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Furniture with a Purpose

Work and Play

This office space is furnished with repurposed furniture that comes together to create a comfortable and creative-looking room. The desk is a dining table and a couch is pulled up alongside it to serve as a comfortable spot to work or to relax. The neutral colors of the walls and furniture are cancelled out by the boldly colored and patterned rug. The wooden accents in the light fixture and the decorative ladder keep the room from looking to modern.

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Shared Space and Subtle Statements

Fabric Finesse

This basic guest bedroom uses patterns and already existing furniture to create a style-savvy room. A simple color scheme is made elegant with various fabrics and a symmetrical layout. Fabric panels hanging from curtain rods above the twin beds make the beds stand out and turn them into statement-makers. The panels and the beds make the room seem longer, and the horizontal lines of the floor rug give it a wider look. The desk in the center of the beds balances both sides of the room and serves as a shared bedside table.

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Wide Open Space

Small Bath Larger

A double vanity with plentiful cabinet space makes this bathroom seem wide and spacious. The window-like mirror adds depth to the room and stands out against the white walls and cabinetry. Rustic wood floors and green accents continue the nature-inspired theme and give the room a modern, almost rustic touch.

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Tucked Away Storage


Built-in shelves, tucked into a hidden nook create storage in a space that would have very little functional use otherwise. Efficiently utilizing space for storage allows more public places to appear less cluttered and more put together. The use of wood as the shelves, on the floor and for the chest of drawers gives the area a rustic look.

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Natural Inspiration

art and headboards

Earthy tones, natural textures and a splash of leafy green give this room a very outdoorsy look and feel. The chair, bedside table and floor mat are made of sustainable fibers, rattan, sisal and bamboo, keeping with the eco-friendly theme of the house. The windows, dressed with hand-creweled burlap curtains, allow natural light to flow into the room, giving a bright, calm ambience to the space.

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