16 Dreamy Bohemian Decor Ideas

Create a vision for your own boho-chic home by checking out these truly stunning spaces that incorporate casual color and laid-back decor elements.

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    Moroccan-Inspired Porch

    This porch, with its Moroccan elements and patterns, is an outstanding example of Bohemian style. A high-sided sofa pulled up to a versatile leather pouf provides a cozy spot to entertain guests. Garlands and chandeliers, hung at a variety of heights, bring the eye upward.

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    Bohemian Loft

    Maximize angled dormer ceilings by turning a small space into lofted bunks. Eclectic Bohemian style is ideal for mismatched bedding and furniture. Whitewashed plank walls let the fun patterns and bright colors be the focus.

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    Style Kaleidescope

    Mixing styles is a hallmark of Bohemian decorating. In this home office, a shaggy tribal rug combines with a salvaged desk, overstuffed chaise lounge, modern cube bookcase, and '70s accents. The white walls and floor allow the more vibrant pieces to pop in the space.

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    Pretty in Pink

    Textiles and artwork are two easy ways to infuse boho style into your space. Layer a colorful rug over your existing one, then stock up on embroidered, block-printed, beaded, and tasseled throw pillows. Add color to your walls by hanging a gallery of interesting framed drawings and paintings.

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    Mix Patterns Like a Pro

    Follow these easy tips for pairing mixed patterns and give your home an effortlessly stylish look.

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    Girly Meets Modern

    A neutral backdrop of creamy whites and warm woods allow more unusual Bohemian decor choices to show off. Blending pink wire chairs with modern, sculptural white ones works wonderfully when pulled up to a more traditional dining table. The remaining accents, such as a black globe pendant light, are few but pack a punch.

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    Feminine Oasis

    If you're someone who loves many different styles, focus your decor by centering around a single color. In this bedroom, many of the elements (the canopy drapes, quilt, pillows, and artwork) feature strong patterns, but when combined they work because they all predominantly feature the same shade of hot pink.

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    Earthy Outdoor Dining

    Bohemian style doesn't have to be extremely colorful. When the right elements are collected and layered correctly, even a mix of brown hues can evoke an artistic vibe. Weathered wood and tan tones dominate this Bohemian dining space. An old rug features hints of pink and orange, and plants provide freshness.

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    Sophisticated Boho Chic

    Bohemian style is often characterized as unrestrained, feminine, and relaxed, but there is a way to pull off the style with elegance. Embrace the fun patterns and bold colors you love, but temper them with a dark, rich backdrop of charcoal or chocolate brown. When selecting fabrics, opt for sumptuous silks and velvet. Finally, add a gilded touch with a metallic light fixture and picture frames.

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    Tropical Drink Cart

    Make use of empty wall space by transforming it into a handy cocktail-serving spot. A graphic red-and-white rug, potted plants, and an upholstered chair define this living space, while fun artwork and a quirky wall sconce above the bar cart add color and interest.

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    Layered Look

    Incorporating Bohemian style into your home doesn't mean starting over. Make the laid-back style blend with your existing decor by targeting one major area, such as the floor or walls. In this living room, a pair of rugs -- an animal hide layered over a larger jute rug -- helps the overall space take a big step toward Bohemian style. Cheerful pillows refresh more traditional furniture, and a sizable fiddle leaf fig tree adds warmth.

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    Wild for Wallpaper

    Make a tremendous impact without breaking the bank by hanging a dynamic wallpaper, such as this floral version, on an accent wall. To balance the pattern's busyness, calming round shapes are repeated throughout this dining room's mirror, light fixture, and dining table, all in the same warm wood color.

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    Sunlit Style

    Because Bohemian style is so eclectic, it's easy for it to venture into chaotic territory. One way to rein it in is with a cohesive, complementary color palette. In this sunny living room, an orange-and-blue oriental rug grounds the space and provides color palette inspiration for pillows and other decorative items.

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    Animal Motifs

    For a playroom or children's space, a medley of animal decor pieces provides a youthful take on Bohemian style. Artwork, lighting, and even a simple rocking horse expand on the theme. Brightly patterned wallpaper adds impact, while a whimsical garland supplies decoration that can be switched out as desired.

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    Pattern Play

    Showcase a stunning swatch of fabric by hanging it on the wall of your bedroom. When centered behind a bed, it makes a stylish substitute for a headboard. The key is hanging it high, so as much as the large-print pattern is displayed as possible.

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    Ikat Entryway

    A distinctive Bohemian-inspired fabric, such as ikat or a suzani print, is an easy way to infuse the eclectic style into any space. In addition to this bold blue ikat table skirt, a framed ethnic necklace, salvaged architectural trim, and graphic artwork all help lend a layered and collected vibe to this Bohemian entryway.

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    Bohemian Meets Island

    This handsome bedroom has several classic boho elements, including a suzani needlework pillow, sunburst mirror, and fringed table skirt. Yet the space feels fresh because of a surprising jungle-green painted ceiling. A dose of airy white, rich wood tones, and warm gold accents keep the adventurous color choice from feeling overwhelming.

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