From mega pops of color to mixed prints galore, we love how this home smashes the industry rules on patterns, prints, and bold decor. Gain inspiration for your own wow-worthy wall treatment.
colorful kitchen

A hefty remodel turned this kitchen into a space for drinks, laughter, and friends. A beverage cooler and icemaker replaced old appliances, while a secondhand table and flea market chairs sit where an island once stood. Verdant wallpaper balances the red countertop and floor, which continues in several adjoining rooms to hide a mishmash of wood finishes. The beauty of oil-base enamel floor paint: When it shows wear, just repaint!

Go Big or Go Home

orange and blue decor

The powder room remake started with graphic blue wallpaper, but it doesn't stop there. A high-gloss orange vanity keeps the red and blue room from looking patriotic and references the funky orange rain-boot wallpaper just outside. Round yellow knobs add a pop of unexpected fun to an often-overlooked room. 

Replace or Repaint

colorful furniture

This room is proof that you should never give up on worn flooring. All you need is creativity and a fresh coat of paint. The sunroom's dingy brick floor became a showstopper with a coat of high-gloss navy paint. The pattern gives texture to the sheen and grounds the bold textiles.

Black and White, but Never Boring


In the laundry room, pattern rather than color complements the existing black-and-white tile floor. It gives the space personality without overwhelming the eye. Peel-and-stick paper proved to be a success in this homeowner's effort to save money, time, and frustration. Her trick: Wetting the paper first allows more time to reposition before it sticks.

Think Pink

pink living room and dining

There's nothing stuffy about this dining room. With fearless color choices inspired by life in Bermuda, pink meets fuchsia seamlessly. The table didn't have seating to match, which is fine by us; these backless chairs don't block the view of the pretty room. Their gold bases add a little bit of glam and relate visually to the openwork vintage pendant over the table.

Blue Through and Through

colorful living room

The key to mixing big, bold prints in the same room is color. Pick patterns that share a common hue, and let your creativity run wild. Large-scale indigo wallpaper takes this room halfway to the finish line, but consignment shop furniture with reupholstered fabric provides the finishing touch. Mixing wood finishes is no big deal in a room as bold and beautiful as this. 

Small Room, Big Impact

green and butterfly bathroom

Small spaces are often thought to only allow for simple design, but that decor myth is debunked by this buggy bathroom. The geometric light fixtures are the perfect counterpoint to the animated butterfly wallcovering, a trick that keeps the eye moving around a tight space. The vanity cabinet, adjacent radiator cover, and all woodwork in the room were painted Kelly green to unify the space.


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