Fiddle leaf fig trees are prized for their rich, glossy green foliage, their gorgeous branching forms, and the sculptural effect of their large scalloped leaves. Here are five beautiful ways to decorate with fiddle leaf fig trees to amp up your home's style, solve decorating problems, and create unique, sophisticated effects!

By Heather Luckhurst
October 25, 2016

A room that's decorated with many patterns, colors, decor accessories, and furniture can look busy and chaotic. Adding a large fiddle leaf fig tree will anchor and ground the room by creating a focal point for the eye to rest on. The colorful, pattern-filled room will instantly look bohemian and polished, not disorderly and messy.

2. Fill a Gap

Use a fiddle leaf fig tree in a large wicker basket to bridge a gap between an area rug and a sofa or chair. The potted tree will fill in the room's empty space and lift your eyes up off the floor so you won't notice the gap.

3. Emphasize a Green Accent Color

If your home is decorated with a green accent color, adding a fiddle leaf fig tree is a decorating detail that will emphasize the color scheme. One of my favorite rules of decorating is to pick an accent color and repeat it in a space to create a polished look and a sense of balance.

4. Draw the Eye

A tall fiddle leaf peeking around the wall of an adjoining room will create a beautiful sight line. The tree's leaves soften the hard edges of the walls, windows, and door frames.

5. Fill an Empty Corner

A potted fiddle leaf fig tree is a great accent to fill an empty corner of a room. The sculptural leaves and height will make the space look less stark. Look at how beautifully the tree's scalloped leaves contrast with the straight lines on the striped fireplace wall of this living room. It also balances and repeats the green accent color in the room so the color of the green throw appears to be a deliberate choice.

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