Yellow Color Schemes

Sweet Color Scheme
Yellow in any shade will enliven a room. Try one of these sunny color palettes in your home.

What Goes with Yellow

By far the happiest color in the spectrum, yellow is always apt to cheer up a room and lighten a mood. Whether it is as bright as the sun or as quiet as a fallen leaf in autumn, this hue always brings a smile. Get inspired to bring a little sunshine into your life with these uplifting yellow color schemes.

If your rooms are looking a little drab, give yellow a go! Here's how to perk up a room with shades of yellow and brighten up your decor.

Perk Up with Yellow

Sunny and bright, yellow is the perfect color for adding a little life to a room. See how to use it right with tips from these perky color schemes.

Sunset Color Scheme

Dusky Yellow + Sunset Red + Orange

Looking to the colors in a western sky, this room evokes the dusky and vivid hues of a waning sunset. The color of dimming sunlight coats the walls. On the bed, the last bright glow of an orange sun shows up on pillows and a throw. Underfoot, a striped rug hits the glorious vibrancy of a spectacular fading sky.

Partly Sunny Color Scheme

Sunshine Yellow + Rainy Day Gray

There’s just something about yellow that seems to lift gray spirits. Bright yellow and moody gray make good color companions because you get the effect of neutrals with just the right burst of color. Here, a gray polka-dot shower curtain tries to have a good attitude next to its sunny companions.

Soft Glow Color Scheme

Gold + Neutrals + Pink

Glowing tones color this living room with the complex hues of a fading sky. Using a neutral background of off-white, camel, and gray, accent colors come from the quickly changing sky in the magic hour of twilight. Pinks range from pale to fuchsia. Yellows graduate from soft yellow to brassy gold.

Garden Color Scheme

Goldenrod + Sky Blue

A botanical theme sets the tone for this cottage-style seating area. Wallpaper showcases a yellow-gold backdrop with white blossoms. On the couch, covered in hazy sky blue, pillows feature Audubon-style botanicals and birds. Painted cabinetry, a farm-style wood coffee table, and an assorted collection of mirrors underscore the welcoming vibe of this inviting space.

A yellow room can project a sunny look or a rich decadent vibe. See how to decorate in yellow and how to incorporate yellow into a room's color scheme and get inspired to use this versatile hue in your home's decor.

Analogous Color Scheme

Watch and learn how to use yellow as part of an analogous color scheme.

Old-World Color Scheme

Creamy Yellow + Cornflower + Weathered Gray

In this cozy bedroom, pale yellow and cornflower blue create a restful scene. On the ceiling, a transparent stain with underlying yellow and gray tones connects with the patina on the distressed French desk and side chair. A pair of stools poised at the foot of the bed repeats the distressed hand finishes.

Sweetly Nostalgic Color Scheme

Buttercream + White + Vintage Green

Evoking nostalgia, this kitchen recalls simpler times with its buttercream-colored cabinets and hand-stenciled pale green and white tile backsplash. A deep farmhouse sink and white marble countertop further impress the feel of a vintage bake shop. Green accents come in cottage pieces: a pitcher of hydrangeas, bottled water, and a striped cotton rug.



Subtle Color Scheme

Harvest Gold + White + Blues

In this living room, there’s just enough harvest gold to convey a midcentury modern feel without feeling dated. Careful furniture choices and accents ensure that anything retro about this room is completely of-the-moment. The architectural lines of the fireplace are updated in crisp white. Wing chairs display modern stripes and silhouettes. Underfoot, the rug displays a trendy graphic pattern. Punches of bright blue in varying intensities add even more dimension.

Antique Color Scheme

Tea-Stain + Gold + White

Like a long-forgotten love letter sealed with gold wax, this living room embraces romantic vintage style in its color and furniture selections. Walls recall tea-stained fabrics or faded writing papers. White slipcovers freshen a pair of side chairs. A collection of gold frames appears to be added to over time. The chandelier casts a soft warm glow.

World Bazaar Color Scheme

Shades of Ocher + White + Gray

More than just sienna or umber, pigments of ocher come from iron oxide and variations include yellow, red, and purple ocher. Combining the family of complex earthy colors with the strong marques of an Asian tea room makes for a very bold and eye-catching living area. Sofas in a Chinese Chippendale pattern surround an ottoman. A vibrant red oriental rug grounds the space while cinnamon-color draperies frame the trio of windows.

Vintage Cottage Color Scheme

Sandy Beach + Gulf Blue

What better accompaniment to the Gulf than its sugar white sand? In this living area, the ultra-pale yellow walls put the focus on layers of blue. Shades such as seafoam, aqua, teal, and topaz reflect the colors of the clear seas, and are as evident as if you were resting under a bright white beach umbrella and looking out from the Isle of Capri.




Cheery Color Scheme

School Bus Yellow + Robin's Egg

Setting the mood for a healthy breakfast and after-school snacks, this casual kitchen plays off traditional school colors such as bus yellow and chalkboard green. The area is open, light, and bright for early-morning wake-up routines.

Tropical Color Scheme

Canary Yellow + Hot Tropics

As playful as a beach ball in a tropical resort pool, the colors in this seating area are equally lighthearted and fun. With its vibrant yellow walls, hot pink and turquoise accents, and contemporary lines, the mood is relaxed and carefree around the clock.

Retro Color Scheme

Lemon Icebox Pie + Cool Blue + Persimmon

Reminiscent of a vintage diner serving classic pies and sorbets, this cool summery kitchen with lemon icebox yellow walls, chic red Herman Miller-inspired chairs, and an orange banquette is classic retro modern and is as refreshing as a scoop of minty sorbet on a hot summer day. Blue undertones in all the colors make the hues compatible partners.

Eclectic Color Scheme

Yellow + Kelly Green + Cyan

Analogous colors yellow, green, and blue work together naturally to create a midlevel degree of contrast that is easy on the eyes while still keeping things interesting. In this living room, the walls get the yellow treatment while green paint jazzes up the interior of a built-in cabinet and provides a pop of color in the coffee table. A green throw brings color to the white sofa. Accents in cyan echo the blue rug.

Carefree Color Scheme

Daffodil + Cocoa + Dusty Blue

Not your grandmother's kitchen, this retro-modern kitchen is far from gelatin-mold stuffy. Popularized in the midcentury, colors on appliances gave extra status to the latest and greatest models. The cheery yellow island and backsplash tiles may hint at 1960s harvest gold, but the play on colors is pure fun, and the addition of up-to-date neutrals (crisp white and pale taupes) keep the look fresh.

Sweet Color Scheme

Vanilla + Jade + Pink

Paneled walls painted a vanilla yellow bring light to a small bedroom in a snug lake cottage. Jade green frames the windows and mixes with rosy pink in a sweet confection of patterns on the rug and in the bed linens. A note of turquoise blue appears in the storage case at the end of the bed. The pastel palette enhances the cottage style and helps to harmonize the varied vintage furnishings.

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