A hint of black is the secret to a winning pastel color scheme. See how these rooms combine soft hues and high contrast for a sophisticated look with a little edge.

By Hannah Bruneman

Go all in on the green, gray, and pink. These soft colors play well together without getting too sweet. Black and natural accents ensure the pastels don't get cloying.

Soft to the Touch

A grown-up pastel palette can live within the textiles of a room. Introduce soft colors in small doses -- try the couch or the floors. Matte black finish on furniture adds weight to a lighter-than-air look.

Ode to Kitchens Past

Give your modern appliances an antique touch with this nostalgic soft green. Silver and black pop against the 1950s hue, and the retro vibe works its way into countertop accessories. 

Prim and Not So Proper

Gray is the new black in this rose gold-inspired color scheme. Petal pink and with metallic touches make for a balanced combination of sophisticated and playful tones. The heather gray sofa dials down the drama while directing attention to pops of color.

A Dash of Black

A little bit of bold goes a long way. Black makes a statement while the soft colors calm down a vibrant space. Gold accents complement both ends of the spectrum, tying the room together effortlessly.

Stay Grounded

A strong black floor brings soft colors back to earth. As a pastel palette decorates this sophisticated bedroom, repeating black accents snap the space to attention.


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