What Colors Go with Pink? 16 Pretty Pairings to Try

living room with plush pink couches
Photo: Nathan Kirkman

Ranging from soft blush to the hot fuchsia of a sunset, pink makes a powerful statement in any shade. Whether delicate, preppy, or bold and edgy, pink works in a variety of decorating styles. Pick your signature shade and create a winning combination with these colors that go with pink.

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Hot Pink + Indigo + Aqua

Living room with graphic chairs and blue sofa
Annie Schlecther

Pair vivid pinks with inky blues for a bold yet refreshing color scheme. In this light-filled living room, hot pink pillows brighten up a seating area defined by an indigo sofa and turquoise-patterned chairs. Aqua and pink are repeated in the wall art behind the sofa to establish a cohesive look.

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Soft Pink + Slate Gray + Gold

Vanity with dark gray walls and pink chair
Annie Schlecther

Pink can provide a soft, feminine complement to more masculine design elements. Here, a shapely pink chair helps distinguish a pretty vanity area from the rest of the closet, which is dominated by slate-gray walls and richly stained wood floors. Gold accents on the chair frame, light fixtures, and hardware amplify the glam look.

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Dusty Pink + Denim Blue + Creamy White

bohemian decor pretty in pink
Jay Wilde

This boho living room playfully pairs pink and blue, a color that goes well with pink, through various textiles and art. The palette is pulled from a multi-colored shag rug that, when layered on another rug in rich blue, makes a vibrant statement underfoot. Creamy white covers the walls, window treatments, and furniture to let the colorful artwork and accessories shine.

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Powder Pink + Black + Metallics

Adam Albright

The palest shades of pink can serve as neutrals with the right application. In this bathroom, powder pink walls deliver a warm blush countered by doses of black on the mirrors and tiled floors. A mix of polished nickel and aged brass fixtures adds a hint of sparkle to the subtle color scheme.

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Blush Pink + Orange + Fuschia

Bedroom with orange couch and colorful bedspread
Helen Elizabeth Norman

This bedroom goes bold with a vibrant combination of pink and orange. Blush-pink curtains form a pretty backdrop for a tangerine sofa, where pink and orange pillows tie the color scheme together. With a multitude of patterns and accent colors, including fuchsia, turquoise, and red, the room exudes a lighthearted, boho flair.

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Carnation Pink + Leafy Green + White

dining room with white bench
Rick Lew

Look to the garden to find inspiration for what colors go with pink. This preppy dining area combines verdant green with carnation pink for a color scheme reminiscent of spring blooms. Green patterned wallpaper and floral wall art form a lively setting for crisp white furniture and pink pillows.

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Pale Pink + Brown + Neutrals

brown white pink living room set up
David Tsay

A pale pink sofa introduces subtle color to this neutral living room. Brown zigzag fabric appears on an accent chair and pillow to keep the pink upholstery from skewing too sweet. Ivory walls and black-and-white accessories enhance the sophisticated look.

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Bubble Gum Pink + Blue-Gray + Lime

living room with plush pink couches
Nathan Kirkman

A palette of bright colors lends a cheery atmosphere to this living space. Matching bubblegum-pink sofas form an inviting seating area dotted with patterned pillows. Lime-green drapes and blue-gray walls provide cool complements to balance the pink. Warm wood floors and a white ceiling keep the vibrant hues grounded.

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Pink Lemonade + Coral + Black

pink bedroom black trim
Adam Albright

Layer various shades of pink to create a monochromatic color scheme that exudes comfort and warmth. Here, the walls, bedding, pillows, and rug showcase several iterations of the same warm pink hue. Black is used on the window trim, headboard, and wall art to give the room a modern edge that cuts through the palette's sweetness.

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Raspberry + Soft Gray + Bright White

gray pink color scheme bedroom
Laura Moss

A deep raspberry shade of pink dominates in this bedroom, proving that an intense color in small doses goes a long way. The hue appears on floral and velvet pillows and nightstand accessories, which stand out sharply against a soft gray and white backdrop. Warm gray walls, crisp white bedding, and a white headboard maintain a peaceful atmosphere and prevent the pink accents from overwhelming.

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Flamingo Pink + Blue + Neutrals

pink-and-blue themed open-concept living room and kitchen
David Tsay

Pale pink partners with other soft shades to create a welcoming, cottage-style interior. Neutrals ranging from warm white to sandy beige cover the walls and furniture for a laidback look. The sofa's pile of pillows brings in color and pattern with pink and blue fabrics.

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Rosy Magenta + Gray + Cream

Magenta Gray Cream Bedroom
Susan Gilmore

Magenta drapes with a grayed-purple pattern bring a version of pink to this mostly gray and cream room. Because magenta is a blend of red and purple, it pairs well with both colors. Purple-patterned throw pillows rest on the bed next to a rosy wool blanket in a lighter-hued version of the drapes that offers a tonal difference. Soft gray and cream (as opposed to stark white) and metallic gold finishes ensure the bold colors feel warm and inviting.

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Bright Pink + Yellow + White

Eclectic style bedroom pink accents
Michael Garland

Lighthearted in tone, this primarily white bedroom is livened up by a mix of pink patterned fabrics. The pillows, throw blanket, and curtains around the bed offer a blend of Palm Beach sophistication and Hawaiian style. The fabrics combine bright, friendly pink with sunshine yellow and lush green for a carefree, summery island feel.

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Pink Rose + White + Powder Blue

pink white small living room
Gordon Beall

Pops of pink energize this small but bright living room. The built-in window seat is outfitted with a pink-and-white damask print cushion, and Roman shades are trimmed in the same pink hue. The white, slipcovered sofa and barely-there blue walls contribute to the room's casual, breezy tone. A modern rattan bowl chair introduces a contemporary element, while a French, marble-topped cocktail table reflects the elegance of the pink damask.

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Fuchsia + Light Brown + Wood Tones + White

Fuchsia Wood Tones White living room
David Tsay

In this dining area, a pair of upholstered chairs (and a few stripes on the draperies) is all it takes to make a statement with pink. The pink chairs at either end of the table feature a cut velvet floral pattern that shimmers against a pale milk chocolate background. Wood furniture, built-in cabinetry, and a beige area rug set a neutral foundation that helps the pink accents stand out.

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Coral Pink + Grassy Green + Clean White

green white pink color bathroom
Anthony Masterson

Taking cues from the vintage floor tile, these homeowners chose to work with the pink tones rather than replace them. A pretty pink toile in just the right shade covers the walls, while green joins in accent pieces such as the chair and linens. White maintains the bath's clean, crisp look.

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