28 Warm Color Schemes for Every Room in the House

Warm hues will turn your home into the ultimate cozy sanctuary.

rustic stone living room

Edmund Barr

A warm color scheme is the ultimate way to bring coziness and comfort into your home. You can do this by layering neutral textures or by adding splashes of cheery reds, oranges, and yellows. Color is one of the primary ways to create an atmosphere in your home—it helps define the space, adds dimension and contrast, and helps convey a style. Warm colors don’t always pair with traditional designs—you can create a sleek modern space that’s filled with warm shades rather than cool tones. A warm and cozy color scheme is the perfect backdrop for making your house into a home, and the following ideas provide inspiration for warm color palettes for every room.

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Incorporate Cozy Neutrals

neutral tones bedroom with blue accents
John Granen

This warm, cozy bedroom features a beige upholstered bed, cream-colored bedding, brass wall accents, and a tall wooden table lamp. A vintage side table holds charming bedside accents and together with a hanging mirror and piece of art forms a sweet vignette. Pops of blue in the area rug, lumbar pillow, and oil painting liven up the warm color palette. 

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Create a Contemporary Kitchen

red kitchen
John Granen

Red is a vivacious, stimulating color that works perfectly in a busy kitchen. Tiled floors and neutral walls provide the perfect backdrop for the lacquered cabinets. The sleek surfaces of these red cabinets have a decidedly contemporary flair. Glass pendant lighting overhead adds a sleek, sophisticated finish.

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Add a Traditional Twist

rustic plaid bedroom

Michael Partenio

This charming bedroom combines traditional furniture with layered plaid pillows and a buffalo-check blanket for warm patterned accents. Red is a classic warm color that pairs well with dark wood tones and light walls. A large area rug is a great way to create warmth underfoot as well as visually. This patterned rug continues the room's red and blue color scheme and adds another layer of texture and comfort.

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Modern Rustic Living Room

rustic stone living room

Edmund Barr

A stunning stone fireplace is the focal point of this cozy living room and its warm tones are echoed throughout the rest of the space. An off-white paneled ceiling and slipcovered white chairs and sofa help showcase a farmhouse-style coffee table, sisal area rug, and rustic accents. Red and coral colors are used as accents in throw pillows and a blanket draped over the sofa arm.

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Use Multiple Neutral Colors

neutral tones sitting room accent pillows
Joyelle West

A tone-on-tone neutral color palette is a great way to create elevated warmth. Warm white walls are the perfect backdrop for plush off-white seating, a faded area rug, and a wood coffee table in this modern living room. One of the best ways to make a room feel inviting is to mix lots of cozy linens, like fluffy throw pillows, soft blankets, and luscious curtain panels. Use decorative accents, such as a burnt-orange throw pillow, rustic bread bowl, brass picture frames, or unique clay pottery, to warm up the space and add character.

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Freshen Up with Fun Colors

warm hued sitting room

Jim Franco

Vibrant pinks and yellows on layered rugs and throw pillows give this warm living room a cheery dose of color. A palette of pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges is a sure way to inject instant brightness and fun into a room. Cream curtains and oversized artwork on white walls help soften the space and provide a neutral backdrop that allows the saturated colors to stand out. 

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Use Shades of Brown

brown, blue, and pink bedroom woven blinds
Kim Cornelison

Different shades of brown in this bedroom's area rug, furniture, throw blanket, and window blinds create a warm, cozy oasis. The patterned rug helps ground the space and creates contrast with light gray walls that bounce light around. Pops of red, blue, pink, and yellow liven up the warm color scheme and add a modern spin to the traditional room. White bedding brightens up the room and ties in the white table lamps, ceiling fan, and molding. 

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Use a Wide Range of Wood Tones

wood wall office with two chairs
John Merkl

A mix of warm wood tones gives this home office a modern rustic vibe. A wood-plank wall, chunky wood shelves, woven chairs, and wicker storage baskets create a warm color palette that’s a nod to a dreamy mountain cabin retreat. Dark gray cabinets provide storage and help balance the warm wood tones.

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Add Texture and Pattern

vintage inspired black coffee table in living room
Kim Cornelison

Use textured neutrals to instantly make a room look cozy and inviting. This sitting room is fun and eclectic yet warm and relaxed. Instead of creating a gallery wall with framed photos or paintings, consider hanging up an arrangement of woven baskets. They’ll add color, warmth, texture, and dimension, and in this living room, they help tie in the beige grasscloth ceiling. A soft white area rug and a rattan day bed brighten up the room while striped curtains and patterned throw pillows liven it up with a splash of cheery color. 

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Salmon Shades of Pink

orange bar area with credenza
Kim Cornelison

Using a rosy color palette creates a romantic setting for this bar nook. Start by painting the walls with a deep blush color to give a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Consider painting the trim for a monochromatic look. Retro furniture and vintage glassware with gold and brass accents complete the warm color palette.

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Heat Up the Kitchen

pale green, neutral tones kitchen with plants
Werner Straube

This stunning modern-meets-rustic kitchen exudes warmth. A black marble-topped wood island provides a casual spot for people to sit and linger. Sage green cabinetry is accented with warm antique brass hardware and stands out against the bright white walls. A stove alcove features built-in nooks for favorite cookbooks and plenty of space for a utensil crock and other cooking essentials.

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Go Greige

living room red leather loveseat red table
Dana Gallagher

Brownish-gray walls create a gallery-like setting for artwork, furnishings, and accents in this warm living room. Natural elements like houseplants and wood furnishings are used throughout to give the space an earthy feel. A pale pink color on the throw pillows and accent table brightens up the space.

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Yellow Living Room Walls

living room with tan walls and patterned rug
Werner Straube

Warm yellow walls set a rich and sophisticated backdrop for this bold gallery wall. The eclectic grouping of furniture ties together the brightly colored art. Rich blue velvets and plaid patterns shine against the neutral background. A blue coffered ceiling contrasts the warm fabrics and accent wall.

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Create a Two-Tone Kitchen

green cabinet kitchen with tan accents
Hector Sanchez

Two-tone green and white cabinetry, brass hardware, and warm wood countertops give this kitchen a cozy lived-in feel. A distressed area rug and woven wood window blinds add texture and enhance the warm color scheme. A rustic island and barstool give the space an informal feel and contrast modern subway tile and floating shelves. Install an accent light above your kitchen sink for an additional source of light and a pleasant glow in the heart of the home.

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Use an Eye Catching Color Scheme

purple and orange living room hot air balloons
Laura Moss

Pastel purple is a complementary hue to vibrant orange and makes a strong statement as painted molding in this home library. Bright throw pillows and a patterned rug tie in various shades of pink and purple. The vast array of colors plays nicely with the various books and art placed on the bookcase.

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Use Jewel Tones

Analogous Color Scheme: Goldenrod + Kumquat

Werner Straube

In this hot-hued sunroom, an analogous color scheme of warm orange, golden yellow, and lime green creates a space that's ideal for lively gatherings. The jewel tones create an elegant and inviting environment. A vintage red-orange Moroccan rug pulls the furniture group into a cohesive unit. The deep neutral flooring and walls provide a rich backdrop for the intense color.

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Create an Inviting Living Room

warm tones sitting room gourds and fireplace
Dane Tashima

This cozy living room oozes warmth and comfort. It’s filled with textured neutrals in the form of a rustic wood coffee table, worn leather poufs, a jute area rug, and woven wood blinds. They form a backdrop for a mossy green sofa upholstered in a luscious velvet fabric, a jewel-tone throw, and lots of artwork leaning on the fireplace. The warm colors of the rug, wood accents, and flooring balance the cool shades in the sleek black mantel and crisp white walls.

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Colorful Small Accents

brightly colored kitchen with red zig zag rug
Jim Franco

Warm up your kitchen with a fiery red rug. Black paint covers the walls as a backdrop for this informal kitchen bursting with personality. Reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks are used throughout the space as accents. White cabinetry dials down the warmth of the rich hues to create a balanced look.

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Welcoming White Kitchen

white kitchen with vibrant red accent rug
Laurey Glenn

A rustic wood island warms up this white kitchen to prevent it from feeling stark or sterile. A colorful area rug and traditional chandelier draw focus to the table, while sleek silver barstools are an unexpected addition to the seating area. Rich wood floors contribute to the warm color scheme and contrast the bright white walls.

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Add a Midcentury Twist

Midcentury Color Scheme: Orange + Red + Black

Kimberly Cornelison

Give cookie-cutter architecture some identity with strong color on the walls. This wall, painted a deep orange, transforms from blank surface to architectural focal point. Splashes of orange, scattered throughout the sitting room and nearby breakfast area, integrate the color throughout the space and play off the yellow kitchen walls. The earthy colors suit the midcentury furnishings that provide the neutral foil for the bright color.

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Relaxing Color Combo

a living room with accent chair

Mark Lohman

Vibrantly hued furnishings gather atop a seagrass rug in this inviting living room. The chair fabric consists of white wool on the front and colorful patterned linen on the back for a cheery welcome into the room. The same geometric pattern appears in pillows on the sofa. Softly patterned curtains take the fabric to ceiling height, drawing the eye to the room's most interesting architectural feature, the wide barrel vault.

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Get Sentimental

Cozy Color Scheme: Terracotta and Gold

Werner Straube

Children's paintings of black-and-orange monarch butterflies inspired the color scheme in this orange and yellow living room. Framed in black, the paintings are elevated to the level of fine art on a pale wall that provides a soothing backdrop to the vivid color. Revved-up orange, red, and yellow solids and patterns layer for a fabulous combination that exudes energy. Additional black accents, such as the chair frame, ground the palette and keep the combination of colors from becoming overwhelming.

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Find French Inspiration

Country French Color Scheme: Persimmon + Yellow

Colleen Duffley

In this breakfast room, dollops of persimmon and yellow enliven the neutral palette. A vintage black French secretary desk gets an interior update with warm orange paint, as does the chandelier over the table. Orange-red fabric on window shades, chair cushions, and banquette pillows bring in more color, while solid yellow fabric covers the curved banquette and pillows in a yellow-on-white pattern alternate with orange.

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Set a Sweet Tone

Elegant Color Scheme: Butterscotch + Chocolate

Michael Garland

The sunny splendor of a Tuscan sunset inspired the warm color palette of this lovely dining area. Although the space is elegantly appointed, the cozy color creates an inviting corner. Butterscotch-yellow draperies accented with red stripes convey an understated grace while providing an unencumbered view of the garden. A round table surrounded by chocolate-brown leather-upholstered chairs softens the lines of the square breakfast room.

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Add Vibrancy to Your Dining Room

wallpapered dining room

Brie Williams

Vibrant and theatrical, this dining room's color scheme is anything but shy and quiet. A mix of modern and traditional furnishings keeps the look chic yet family-friendly. Complementary blue tones in the large pair of framed prints keeps the orange walls from getting too warm. High-contrast black and white in the table, chairs, and rug lift the palette to an even higher level of sophistication.

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Make a Monochromatic Moment

Quiet Color Scheme: Butter + Berry

Werner Straube

A nearly monochromatic color palette was used to create this cozy nook. This makes for a quiet, contemplative space. Buttery yellow paint on the walls is matched by the fabric on the slipcovered chairs. To create a little contrast, strips of trim outline the slipcover skirt with a juicy berry color. Touches of black in the frames and side table calm the color palette a bit.

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Create a Cheery Sitting Room

Inviting Color Scheme: Cornsilk + Red

James Yochum

This sunny yellow and white living room is anchored with two warm red couches. Patterned fabrics and artwork scatter the presence of energetic red throughout the colorful room. Pops of green and blue subdue the bright yellow so the wall-to-wall color isn't overwhelming in this classic cottage look.

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Channel Seaside Inspiration

Complementary Color Scheme: Apricot + Azure

 Michael Partenio 

The fabric on the ottoman provides the inspiration for this warm living room color scheme of complementary orange and blue. Simple touches with paint and fabric throughout the formerly all-beige room brought this pretty palette into being on a budget. Spray paint remakes a classic lamp base in pretty blue. Paint is also employed to create a graphic floorcloth in orange, yellow, and blue. Inexpensive orange fabric dresses the window and provides the background for an appliqued pillow. Paint a super-simple abstract artist's canvas with swipes of orange and blue, and you've transformed your decor on a dime.

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