Warm Color Palette Ideas for Every Room in the House

Traditional Color Scheme: Crimson + Brown

Create a designer look with a warm color palette starring red, yellow, and orange hues from the warm side of the color wheel.

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Analogous Color Scheme: Goldenrod + Kumquat

Analogous Color Scheme: Goldenrod + Kumquat

In this hot-hued sunroom, an analogous color scheme of warm orange, golden yellow, and lime green creates a spicy space that's ideal for lively gatherings. A vintage red-orange Moroccan rug pulls the furniture group into a cohesive unit. The deep neutral flooring and walls provide a rich backdrop for the intense color.

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Warm Color Palette: Raisin + Shell Pink

Warm Color Scheme: Raisin + Shell Pink

Wallpaper in an oversize graphic pattern of raisin and shell pink accents one wall of this warm and dramatic dining room. Solid blocks of pink on either side of the wall emphasize the slim lines of the pattern in the paper. Modern shapes in bright white stand out vividly against the deep orange wall.

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Country French Color Scheme: Persimmon + Yellow

Country French Color Scheme: Persimmon + Yellow

In this breakfast room, dollops of persimmon and yellow enliven the neutral palette. A vintage black French secretary desk gets an interior update with warm orange paint, as does the chandelier over the table. Orange-red fabric on window shades, chair cushions, and banquette pillows bring in more color, while solid yellow fabric covers the curved banquette and pillows in a yellow-on-white pattern alternate with orange.

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Relaxing Color Scheme: Burgundy + Beige

Relaxing Color Scheme: Burgundy + Beige

Vibrantly hued furnishings gather atop a seagrass rug in this inviting living room. The chair fabric consists of white wool on the front and colorful patterned linen on the back for a cheery welcome into the room. The same geometric pattern appears in pillows on the sofa. Softly patterned curtains take the fabric to ceiling height, drawing the eye to the room's most interesting architectural feature, the wide barrel vault.

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Energetic Color Scheme: Fuchsia + Tangerine

Whimsical Color Scheme: Fuchsia + Tangerine

Going bold doesn't have to mean coating your walls in bright hues. In this home office, white walls and shelves comprise the backdrop for bursts of fuchsia and tangerine. Pretty fabrics in orange and pink hide lower shelving for those less-than-decorative items, while graphic orange wallpaper lines the backs of two niches providing visual interest. Small accessories in the warm color palette complement the hard-working orange accents in the table legs and ladder. A deep pink rug and a hot pink throw soften the look.

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Cozy Warm Color Palette: Terra Cotta and Gold

Cozy Color Scheme: Terracotta and Gold

Children's paintings of black-and-orange monarch butterflies inspired the color scheme in this orange and yellow living room. Framed in black, the paintings are elevated to the level of fine art on a pale wall that provides a soothing backdrop to the vivid color. Revved-up orange, red, and yellow solids and patterns layer for a fabulous combination that exudes energy. Additional black accents, such as the chair frame, ground the palette and keep the combination of colors from becoming overwhelming.

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Deep Color Scheme: Charcoal + Brick

Deep Color Scheme: Charcoal + Brick

Charcoal-gray walls create a gallery-like setting for artwork, furnishings, and accents in this warm color palette living room. Paintings provided the inspiration for the brick-red sofa, decorative pillows, and wall color that flows into the adjacent room, tying the spaces together. Dark teal blue lamps were also influenced by color blocks in the artwork. The white tables, lampshades, and ceiling, as well as the off-white chair and textured rug, bring light visual contrast to the dark saturated tones.

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Elegant Warm Color Scheme: Butterscotch + Chocolate

Elegant Color Scheme: Butterscotch + Chocolate

The sunny splendor of a Tuscan sunset inspired the warm color palette of this lovely dining area. Although the space is elegantly appointed, the cozy color creates an inviting corner. Butterscotch-yellow draperies accented with red stripes convey an understated grace while providing an unencumbered view of the garden. A round table surrounded by chocolate-brown leather-upholstered chairs softens the lines of the square breakfast room.

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Welcoming Color Scheme: Cranberry + Maize

Welcoming Color Scheme: Cranberry + Maize

Traditionally understated, this relaxing living room exudes warmth and hospitality. The recovered Chippendale-style camelback sofa gets a modern makeover in shades of golden maize. Rich red in a subtle pattern dresses the flanking upholstered chairs, while a bold floral pattern on a red background provides contrast on the sofa pillows. This warm color palette works well in a window-lined room flooded with natural light.

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Midcentury Color Scheme: Orange + Red + Black

Midcentury Color Scheme: Orange + Red + Black

Give cookie-cutter architecture some identity with strong color on the walls. This wall, painted a deep orange, transforms from blank surface to architectural focal point. Splashes of orange, scattered throughout the sitting room and nearby breakfast area, integrate the color throughout the space and play off the yellow kitchen walls. The earthy colors suit the midcentury furnishings that provide the neutral foil for the bright color.

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Vivid Color Scheme: Orange + Blue

Vivid Color Scheme: Orange + Blue

Vibrant and theatrical, this dining room's color scheme is anything but shy and quiet. A mix of modern and traditional furnishings keeps the look chic yet family-friendly. Complementary blue tones in the large pair of framed prints keeps the orange walls from getting too warm. High-contrast black and white in the table, chairs, and rug lift the palette to an even higher level of sophistication.

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Eclectic Color Scheme: Brown + Coral + China Blue

Eclectic Color Scheme: Brown + Coral + China Blue

Warm brown walls set a rich and sophisticated backdrop for this eclectic grouping of favored living room pieces. The brown, along with a pale pink ceiling and trim, accentuates the vibrant color of the green chair, coral velvet sofa, and patterned pillows. The blue-and-white rug cools and lightens the color scheme.

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Sleek Color Scheme: Red + White

Sleek Color Scheme: Red + White

Red is a vivacious and stimulating color that works perfectly in this busy kitchen. White floors and tile walls provide a neutral backdrop for the lacquered cabinets. The sleek surface of these red cabinets have a decidedly contemporary flair, but the wood ceiling beams overhead bring in a rustic warmth that contrasts with the sleek and sophisticated finish of the Carrara marble countertops and glossy cabinetry.

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Charming Color Scheme: Salmon + Taupe

Charming Color Scheme: Salmon + Taupe

The rosy palette for this romantic sitting room starts with the walls. Paint in a blushing taupe instills a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Gauzy drapery panels in salmon pink soften the windows. Coral patterned fabrics drench the upholstered furnishings, adding zing to the enchanting room.

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Bold Color Scheme: Coral + Green

Bold Color Scheme: Coral + Green

Inspired by a trip to sunny Greece, this homeowner updated her dining nook with the vivid colors of coastal Europe. A rosy coral coats the walls, while leaf-green fabric updates the stripped-finish chairs. Pretty coral patterned fabric forms the welting on the chairs and ties the color scheme together. Ample surfaces of white on the ceiling and architectural details keep the bold colors in check.

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Inviting Color Scheme: Cornsilk + Red

Inviting Color Scheme: Cornsilk + Red

This sunny yellow and white living room is anchored with two warm red couches. Patterned fabrics and artwork scatter the presence of energetic red throughout the colorful room. Pops of green and blue add to this classic cottage look.

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Warm Color Palette: Red + Gold + Orange

Sociable Color Scheme: Red + Gold + Orange

Three matching daybeds piled with plump pillows makes a wonderful grouping for cozy conversation. Pale yellow walls compensate for the lack of natural light in this north-facing room. Neutral fabrics on the cushions allow the furniture frames and pillows to shine. Orange curtain panels bring zest to the pale walls, while a deep red rug anchors the warm color scheme.

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Quiet Color Scheme: Butter + Berry

Quiet Color Scheme: Butter + Berry

A nearly monochromatic color palette in this cozy nook makes for a quiet, contemplative space. Buttery yellow paint on the walls is matched by the fabric on the slipcovered chairs. To create a little contrast, strips of trim outline the slipcover skirt with a juicy berry color. Touches of black in the frames and side table calm the color palette a bit.

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Eye-Catching Color Scheme: Magenta + Apple Green

Bright colorful livingroom with built-ins

A hot pink tufted sofa, accented with dotted stripe green, pink, and cream pillows, pops against a gallery-like arrangement of ivory bookshelves. Pear green, a complementary hue to the deep pink, makes a strong statement in this space, with armchairs in a green cotton-linen blend and a round ottoman in a coordinating stargazer lily print. Batik-printed linen draperies bring lively pattern to the walls.

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Naturally Warm Color Palette: Tomato + Tan + Leaf

Saturated Color Scheme: Wine + Tan

Bold red walls warm up a basement family room to counteract the inherent coolness of an underground living space. Neutral furnishings, dotted with animal print, red, and green pillows, offset the saturated wall color. Leafy green wall art and accessories balance the warm color palette.

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Complementary Color Scheme: Apricot + Azure

Complementary Color Scheme: Apricot + Azure

The fabric on the ottoman provides the inspiration for this living room color scheme of complementary orange and blue. Simple touches with paint and fabric throughout the formerly all-beige room brought this pretty palette into being on a budget. Spray paint remakes a classic gourd-shape lamp base in pretty blue. Paint is also employed to create a graphic floorcloth in orange, yellow, and blue. Inexpensive orange fabric dresses the window and provides the background for an appliqued pillow. Paint a super-simple abstract artist's canvas with swipes of orange and blue, and you've transformed your decor on a dime.

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Unique Color Scheme: Ruby + Turquoise

Inspired Color Scheme: Ruby + Turquoise

Fiery red paint covers two walls setting the tone for this informal kitchen bursting with colorful personality. The delicious red repeats on cabinetry, in the bold patterned shades, and on accents and painted cabinet knobs that pop around the room. Bright white trim and wainscoting dial down the warmth of the red, which is further cooled by the unexpected appearance of aqua. Blue notes found in the glass lamps, repurposed from another room of the house, were suggested by the aqua tones in the large painting.

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Playful Color Scheme: Orange + Lime + Aqua

Playful Color Scheme: Orange + Lime

Anyone would be inspired to work in this colorful home office. Large-scale two-tone orange wallpaper covers one wall. Lime green paint brightens another wall. Aqua, lime, and orange slipcovers tie the energetic color scheme together.

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Traditional Warm Color Palette: Crimson + Brown

Traditional Color Scheme: Crimson + Brown

A deep red and rich brown palette blends antiques, contemporary fabrics, and new furnishings in a dining room that combines traditional and modern sensibilities. An antique cabinet in a light maple finish runs along one wall, matching the vintage farm table. The modern shapes of the side chairs are covered in a cut velvet circle pattern of brown, red, and beige, and host chairs are dressed in a striped red and brown suede that give the room an eclectic edge. Underfoot, a wool rug in bands of brown, red, and tan reflect the colors in the chair fabric.

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