Room Color Ideas

Watch and learn how to decorate any room with color. Our helpful tips will help you design the perfect color scheme starring your favorite hue.

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    The Color Wheel

    Before you choose a single paint color or begin designing a color scheme, learn the basics of color from the color wheel. These foundational principles will help you be successful in choosing colors for your home.

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    Decorating in Purple

    Create varied decorating looks using different shades of purple -- from lavender to plum -- in a room. See how a monochromatic color scheme in purple brings this space to life.

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    Decorating in Yellow

    From sunshine to gold, yellow offers a wide array of decorating looks. See how to use yellow in a color scheme from this cheery living room.

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    Decorating in Blue

    See how to update classic blue with its complementary color for a fresh color palette that can be used in any room.

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    Decorating in Green

    Express yourself using green. See how to use this sometimes earthy, sometimes vibrant hue alongside other colors in a room.

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    Decorating in Bright Colors

    Bring a little life to your rooms with bright colors. Watch this video and see how to pull off a vivacious color scheme that isn't overwhelming.

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    Decorating in Dark Colors

    Introduce a dark palette of colors to a room for a rich look. See how to use dark colors in a way that brings a room to life, rather than making it cavelike.

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    Decorating in Warm Colors

    Enliven a room with warm colors -- ranging from yellow to red. Watch and learn how to use these welcoming hues in a color scheme that works for any room.

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    Decorating in Cool Colors

    Bring calm to a room by decorating with cool colors. See how a color palette of green, blue, and purple can create a serene vibe while still welcoming color into a space.

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    Decorating in Neutrals

    From gray to taupe to cream, neutrals offer just as much variety as other colors. See how a neutral color scheme can be applied to any room, and get tips for pairing neutrals together.

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    Discover Color!

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