27 Nature-Inspired Color Palettes for a Calm, Beautiful Home

spring green paint colors
Photo: Adam Albright

With lush forests, rocky deserts, bright flowers, and fiery sunsets, nature is brimming with gorgeous color inspiration. Channel the calm and beauty of the outdoors with interior color schemes that take their cues from nature. These palettes combine fresh greens, watery blues, warm earth tones, and more to create beautiful nature-inspired color schemes.

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Organic Green Color Scheme

neutral green paint lids with leaves and branches
Adam Albright

Eucalyptus leaves boast a soft, blue-green color that's both sophisticated and inviting. This nature-inspired color palette showcases the shade in various tints ranging from almost-white to deep gray-greens. Look for green paint colors with cool gray undertones for a crisp, organic look.

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Sage Green Kitchen

kitchen green wood copper window
James Nathan Schroder

Nature-inspired colors lend subtle color to this kitchen. Soft sage green cabinetry pairs with wood countertops for a grounding effect, while white walls and open shelves deliver an airy balance. A nubby jute rug and exposed wood ceiling beams provide texture from above and below.

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Nutty Brown Color Palette

assortment brown paints lids
Carson Downing

Shades of brown ranging from almond to chestnut create cozy nature-inspired color schemes. Decorating with multiple browns in the same temperature but with different undertones creates a soothing layered look. Look for hints of yellow, red, or blue in the colors to provide subtle contrast across different design elements.

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Cozy Earth Tone Living Room

retro living room with wooden rafters
John Bessler

Honey-hued wood floors, dark wood ceiling beams, and a statement-making stone fireplace set a solid neutral foundation in this living room. Sunny yellow appears on an accent chair and throw pillows to lighten up a color scheme otherwise defined by browns and taupes. Warm white walls provide a clean balance to the room's various earth tones.

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Garden-Fresh Color Palette

spring green paint colors
Adam Albright

Inspired by trips through flowerbeds, vegetable plots, and produce aisles, this yellow-tinted green palette makes every day feel like spring. Granny Smith apple green takes on the starring role; supporting players include peapod, celery, lemon, and kiwi. Bright whites, seen here as tulip petals, round out the fresh-picked palette.

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Bright Green Palette

modern beige bedroom with blue, green and orange color pops
Edmund Barr

Neutral walls and white bedding allow vibrant green to take center stage. Strategically introduced through the artwork and patterned pillows, yellow-toned greens work with coral and teal accents to take the chill off the room's bright-white perimeter. The energetic colors remind of springtime blooms and crisp green leaves.

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Watery Blue Color Scheme

teal paint lids
Greg Scheidemann

The soothing shades of ocean waves shift from green to blue depending on weather conditions and changing light. Similar color variations arise in this green-tinted palette of blues that combines turquoise, aqua, teal, azure, and baby blue. The blue paint colors all work together thanks to their gray undertones.

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Ocean-Inspired Room

nursery sitting room
Michael Garland

Sea and sky colors beautifully meld in this space that doubles as a nursery and sitting room. A grass-cloth wallcovering that weaves together rich navy, soft cornflower, and turquoise establishes the palette. The baby blue sofa and similar-colored chevrons on an area rug introduce upbeat rhythms; ocean artwork rendered in deep-sea hues supplies some drama. White woodwork, frames, and accessories keep the look buoyant and breezy.

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Best Ways to Incorporate Blue

Blue is a perennial favorite for nature-inspired color schemes. Shades range from pale sky blue to the inky indigo of twilight. Ensure this classic color looks fresh and fun in your rooms with these smart decorating tricks.

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Warm Brown and Green Color Scheme

Green black and tan paint lids
Adam Albright

Exotic locales produce distinctive color schemes, including this palette that features coffee-bean brown. Putty gray and creamy white supply cooler counterpoints to the brown, while yellow, citron, and leafy green. The earth-toned palette evokes images of sunbeams, tropical blooms, and verdant growth.

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Rich Earth Tones

modern sitting area with neutral
Scott Little

Deep brown walls envelop this study in coziness. Golden wood finishes, a throw splashed with copper, and a bronze side table blend forest-harvested hues and textures. White woodwork, an upholstered chair, and a cowhide rug pop against the room's dark surfaces; yellowish-green foliage and flowers give the room a refreshing lift.

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Tropical Color Scheme

warm orange paint colors
Greg Scheidemann

Sea critters, tropical fruits, and breaking waves inspire this pumped-up palette. Pale, mid-tone, and saturated oranges combine with complementary blues to fashion high-impact designs. Shades including shrimp, papaya, tangerine, coral, and blood orange add refreshing zing.

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Citrusy Color Palette

white blue orange room colors dining table
David Tsay

Sky blue walls and accents make the orange tones in this dining room pop. Bright papaya appears on a painted buffet and in the color-blocked wall art, while other citrusy tones, including lemon and lime green, brighten up the table. Plenty of white on the table, chairs, area rug, and trim balance the bold tropical hues.

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Lush Green Color Palette

moss green paint lids
Marty Baldwin

Greens found in forests, orchards, and terrariums play well together in designs ranging from contemporary to cottage. This palette combines yellowish greens with cooler greens sporting blue and dusty undertones. Olive, turquoise, aloe, clover, and citron create a lush, nature-inspired palette that pairs well with earth tones like stone gray and driftwood.

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Olive Color Scheme

white sitting room with blue, green, and yellow accents
Kim Cornelison

Various shades of olive supply luxurious color in this living room. The darkest version appears on the painted fireplace surround; accent furniture and throw pillows layer in more nature-inspired shades. Bright white walls combine with small doses of charcoal gray and black for a modern, earthy mix.

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Earth Tone Palette

neutral amber colored paint lids
Adam Albright

Terra-cotta, putty, khaki, taupe, and amber colors evoke images of rocky landscapes, prehistoric finds, and sandy deserts. Ranging from light to dark, these earth tones quietly add dimension to rooms meant for relaxing. Mix in deeper reds and wood tones for more richness and depth.

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Warm Neutral Color Scheme

neutral banquette corner with large modern art
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Soft khaki walls lend this neutral dining nook a warm, inviting air. Variations of the earth tone repeat across the banquette fabric, flooring, and trim. A pair of wood chairs delivers textural contrast, while darker shades on the table and light fixture add definition.

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Stone Gray and Brown Color Palette

stony tone paint lids
Adam Albright

This stony-tone palette starts off cool with charcoal and ash grays. Reddish undertones heat up the cocoa brown, cream, and khaki hues to create a perfectly balanced mix of warm and cold temperatures. Try this palette in rooms outfitted with naturally warm-stained cabinets, flooring, and furniture.

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Refined Neutral Dining Room

blue and cream dining room
Laura Moss

Brown-stained furniture finishes and a woven khaki area rug provide warm counterpoints to this dining room's ash gray walls. Charcoal gray fabrics on the armchairs take on a bluish cast that subtly reflects the color of nearby draperies. Shimmering mirrors contribute yet another shade of gray to the nature-inspired color palette.

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Flower-Inspired Color Scheme

vivid purple paint colored lids
Kim Cornelison

Composed of red-tinted and blue-shaded purples, this nature-inspired color scheme combines a flower's most vivid hues with its softest tones. The pleasing palette includes a fresh mix of fuchsia, orchid, hibiscus, mauve, and magenta. Apply these floral shades in bedrooms or living areas to cultivate distinctive designs.

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Orchid Color Scheme

purple bedroom color scheme
David Tsay

This mostly-neutral bedroom presents dusty and crisp purples in multiple ways. Deep orchid makes a splash as patterned and solid pillow shams; paler purple appears as a downy comforter. A magenta throw and mauve accessories keep the eye moving throughout the space.

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Sunshine Colors

warm yellow paint lids
Kim Cornelison

Yellow shades of straw, cream, egg yolk, banana, and butter emit sunny vibes in this nature-inspired palette, which is perfect for brightening kitchens and work spaces. The lively hues can also create bedrooms and bathrooms that issue cheery wake-up calls. Pair vibrant yellows with chocolatey browns to temper the warmth.

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Goldenrod Yellow Bedroom

yellow bedroom color scheme
Michael Partenio

Straw yellow, which appears in the wallpaper, painted walls, and drapery fabric, provides a fine foundation for more vivacious yellows that amplify this bedroom's appeal. A banana yellow comforter and pillow shams step back to let brown-and-orange throw pillows and a marigold blanket shine. A patterned area rug pulls together the varying shades of yellow with high impact.

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Greige Color Combinations

greige paint lids
Greg Scheidemann

This nature-inspired color palette revolves around the popular neutral greige, pictured at top. Depending on light and color companions, greige can read as gray or beige, making it a versatile hue that works with both stone and wood tones. Here, it partners with pearl gray, khaki, putty, and steely gray to fashion a light-and-shadow palette ideally suited for peaceful retreats in a range of decorating styles.

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Understated Greige Bedroom

white wainscoting trim bedroom
Annie Schlechter

White wainscoting and trim highlight this room's light greige walls and window shades. Steely grays stand out as a woven basket and a solid-color lampshade, while lighter gray linens soften the bed and a putty-hue cowhide rug warms the floor. Note how well the greige backdrop works with ebony floors and wood furniture's stained finishes.

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Herbal Color Scheme

blue green paint lids
Greg Scheidemann

When tossed together, spearmint, putty, aloe, true mint, and white generate well-rounded green color schemes. Tinted with blue, the refreshing green shades read as cool, bright, and fashionable. Juxtapose these crisp colors with natural textures and wood finishes.

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Mint Green Living Room

marble fireplace in living room
Greg Scheidemann

Minty greens, whether light or dark in tone, are flexible hues that act as neutrals yet demand attention. Here, mint walls handily showcase neutral furniture, a sleek fireplace, and silver, glass, and gold accessories. A navy throw and turquoise accents on the mantel pick up on the wall color's blue undertones.

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