Drench Your Home in Color: Single-Hue Spaces

Present a single hue in shifting shades, varying intensities, and diverse patterns to create high-impact rooms sure to please the eye. Take your decorating cue from these striking spaces that showcase one color in multiple ways for a distinctive design.

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    Perky Pink

    A trio of pinks outfit this bedroom with feminine flair. The brightest pink makes a splash as wide checks on the bedstead, popping against a wall dressed in pink moire-pattern paper. The palest pink, appearing as upholstery on a gilded chair and pleated lampshade, keeps the bedroom from feeling too busy.

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    Beachy Beige

    In this casually elegant cottage, sea green walls and textiles reference the home's coastal location and complement naturally occurring neutrals. Beachy beiges repeat in varying shades; the off-white upholstered sofas, sand-hue coffee table and console tabletop, and darker ottomans and a rug provide a tantalizing trinity of beach tones.

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    Cozy Coffee

    Man caves, dens, and libraries call for warm, deep colors that promote cocooning. Here, coffee-brown perimeters, ceilings, and furnishings get a much-needed lift from sandy neutrals, patterned accent fabrics, a light-on-its-feet side table, and a steel light fixture dressed with white shades. 

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    Decorate with a Dark Wall Color

    Take a decorating risk, and make a splash with deep wall color. Here are the secrets to success!

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    Dazzling Turquoise

    Expansive blocks of navy and turquoise bring drama to this fashionable dining room. Both shades of blue are picked up in the chevron draperies and chair fabric to bring a sense of movement to the space. White-painted woodwork and furniture provide classic counterpoints that break up and brighten the deep-sea tones.

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    Luxurious Purple

    Lavender walls, amethyst fireplace tile, lilac velvet chairs, and grape-splashed accent fabrics supply a purple foundation for an eclectically furnished sitting room. Blue-green fabric and paint turns a Victorian sofa into a cool counterpoint to the room's warmer tones.

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    Calming Gray

    Deep charcoal floor tiles provide a warming anchor that takes the chill off cooler concrete-gray walls, silvery metal fittings, and bright white fixtures in this elegant bathroom. Artwork and a rich mirror frame carry the charcoal hue to eye level, while towels, sconces, and a garden stool contribute lighter shades of gray and silver to round out the peaceful-in-gray palette.

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    Soothing Blue

    As familiar as the sky above and as comfortable as a well-worn pair of jeans, blue remains a universal favorite. Here, pale aquamarine walls set a serene stage for a baby blue headboard and an oil painting rendered in saturated blues. It's easy to see why white perfectly partners with every blue hue; in this bedroom, white woodwork, furniture finishes, and bed dressings supply crisp cloudlike counterpoints that keep the look breezy and bright.

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    Gorgeous Greige

    Start with one color that reads as both beige and gray, and your decorating options amplify. Greige, the gotta-have-it neutral, allows decorators to finely tune room designs that combine a range of neutral tones, antiqued patinas, and shimmering silver accessories. This monochromatic bedroom, with its greige walls, pearly gray textiles, and brown-glazed bed frame, gets a lift from white finishes, grayish-green accent pillows, and furnishings with pleasing profiles.

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    Magical Mint

    Minty green makes a splash as a plush velvet sofa, striated wallcovering, and slightly paler vases. Thoughtful arrangements of framed photos, neutral accent fabrics, and a few gilded touches provide interest at every level, while allowing mint to advance as the room's primary color.

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    Sassy Salmon

    Not quite pink or coral, salmon works with other pinks to create a perky palette for a little girl's room with staying power. Light salmon walls set the stage for deeper-pink draperies boasting bohemian flair. A hot-pink beanbag rests atop a shaggy coral rug. All the elements combine to create a timeless design sure to be appreciated by a teenage queen.

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    Interplay of Grays

    This bathroom handily illustrates how you can ramp up a room's appeal by introducing one color in multiple shades, shapes, sizes, and combinations. Shimmering glass mosaic tiles on the tub surround and toiletry niche pull together the different grays that appear as large rectangular tiles, smooth painted walls, and rustic river-rock flooring.

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    Sun-Drenched Olive

    White ceilings supply jarring contrasts to color-saturated walls, so when you want to create a sea of calm, carry color to the ceiling. Here, olive green paint color, which shifts to gold when illuminated by incoming sunbeams, complements distressed finishes, punchy artwork, and vintage accessories.

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    Monochromatic Magic

    Gray walls and ceilings are a good choice for areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens that house white fittings, appliances, and cabinets. In this utility space, soft gray paint splashes both walls and the ceiling to create a warming effect that makes the work space more welcoming.

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    Refreshing Greens

    Yellow-tinted greens give off a contemporary vibe while supplying spring-fresh color. Unlike their stodgier forest-green cousins, lime, grass, and olive greens create lighthearted designs. A trio of greens appears here in an array of patterns that sport unifying touches of cream; the yellow bench picks up on sunny undertones to underscore the space's fashion-forward appeal.

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    Earth Tones

    Rich browns cozy up rooms with tall ceilings and white woodwork. Coppery brown paint blankets this bathroom, sweeping upward to wrap the ceiling in warmth. The brown hue repeats in a stone wall, tub deck, and countertop. Each takes on a different look because of the surfaces' rough and polished textures and color variations.

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    Purple Pizzazz

    Blue-shaded purples mix it up with red-tinted purples to build interest in a bedroom that also features deep and bright blue touches. Lavender walls pair up with a ceiling covered in lilac grass cloth to create an interesting interplay of smooth and woven textures. Smokier purples appear on the nightstands' drawer fronts, shimmer as chandelier crystals, and pop as shades on bedside lamps.

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